Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Telephone Torture?

Having been a loyal customer of BT since the days when I had a phone exactly like this picture, I've since developed a love/hate relationship with them, as their services blossomed to embrace modern technology which now includes Broadband and Online Billing.

The downside of the widening horizons of telecommunications, has been the Marketing Menace of  increasing numbers of unsolicited calls at all hours of the day - and occasionally, night - well, late evening, anyway.

Since January this year I've been running a one woman campaign (almost!) to stop such intrusions. The
TPS (tephone treference tervice), the barring of 'withheld numbers' and the 'choose to refuse' option are all services which BT offers - but at a price, in the case of the last two.

On studying today's Online Bill, I was reminded that 'barring' costs me £4.75 a month, and 'refusing', £3.90. I now know that the first only bars 'no number' calls made in the UK, and the second only allows me ten 'spaces' for detailing numbers I wish to refuse.

Within a month from the date I opted for three pounds ninety's worth of refusing, my ten spaces were filled - the first with a number which registered as 0000 000 000. Where in the universe is a 'phone allocated with THAT number, pray tell me?

And as most nuisance marketing calls stem from call centres abroad, what is the use of BT limiting their barring to the UK only?

It's about time the making-millions-of-profit BT started being honest in the way they deal with Telephone Tortures which continue to plague poor OAP's like me.

P.S. Sorry I was A.W.O.L yesterday - I  was out and about, and the day ran away with me! LOL. :-)


  1. We tried a similar deal once and soon gave it up.

  2. You're probably better off with something like caller identification. Then you begin to recognize faux callers by the numbers they use. Then simply don't answer. Bell Canada seems to do pretty much the same thing. They offer services to avoid getting those calls and then they offer the callers the workarounds for the avoidance packages they sell. It's all such a scam and the only one better off for it is the phone company.

    1. My phone doesn't have a display, so I'd have to buy a new one- which I don't want !

      At least I get a good deal with my unlimited broadband, which sort of makes up for the short fall on phone functions!

  3. I make frequent use of the "caller ID" function of my telephone. If I don't recognize the name/number, I just do not pick up. I have no time for unwanted solicitations. Eventually, repeat callers (they are a persistent bunch) must strike my number off their lists.


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