Sunday, 18 July 2021

Too hot to handle?

Heat-wave shimmer over an arc of sky
is echoed above the crowded cities;
houses huddle together, whispering
desperate pleas to an uncaring World
where selfishness rules. Natural order
is out of balance, and pollution reigns.

Blinkered by dark glasses, humanity
throws back its head, howls at this injustice
without admitting the part they had played
in its creation. A radical change
of consciousness is imperative, now.
Only Time's future seeds will be able
to witness final success or failure;
whom will History blame for either end?

Thanks to the Sunday Muse for the inspiration


  1. Vivid call to action. The question at the end leaves me with so many more.

  2. A powerful eye opening poem Jinksy! One that deserves being read by many! 💛

  3. A clarion call in this evocative poem! Well said.

  4. On your soapbox with a great message for all … love what you did with the photo and how perfectly words and art mesh. Cheers!

  5. We hear the howl throught the pandemic lockdowns

    "Blinkered by dark glasses, humanity
    throws back its head, howls at this injustice

    Happy Sunday


  6. I blame Jenny, from kindergarten, who was snotty. But then, I blame Jenny for everything, as a general policy. :-P

  7. Wake up! Your point is like an alarm clock that won't stop ringing.


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