Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Morning Vignette

An Autumn morning;
in the sky, promise of sunshine
adds radiance to the misty landscape.
Dew glistens on grass.
Crystal beads of water
dangle from points of leaves,
or nestle roundly on each surface,
The Earth is gathering strength
back into itself
as an insurance against Winter.
It knows the Spring will need
these hidden resources
if it is to blossom again next year.


  1. what a beautiful description of the morning...bringing me picturesquely all the way through the seasons!

    we don't have the four seasons in these islands so, shall i join you in spirit? oh by the way, i'm a struggling poet, and poetry has been a companion in has its own sense of healing... thanks very much,jinsky!

    go gently...

    weena :-)

  2. We've seen all those things of late. The thoughts are apt.

  3. a perfect depiction of autumn!

  4. very lovely jinksy. i see evidence of this all around me - especially the animals who winter over in the woods nearby. gathering up all sorts of things to see them through. have a lovely day. steven

  5. I think you've inspired me to take an early morning walk. Lovely poem.

  6. Just my same thoughts Hilary...your beautiful thoughts Jinksy affect many the same way...I'm off to enjoy nature this cool early morning, but not before copying your lovely thoughts to read again!


  7. Now that has inspired me to put up with the approaching winter in order for it to turn into Spring.
    Great poem.

    Word Ver Nolast
    That in itself is hopful as the winter will not last!

  8. Hello Jinksy,

    A lovely interpretation of the morning dew that will be more in evidence from now on. If we could just keep the sunshine!

  9. Yes Jinksy - it is that time of year again - still - what goes around, comes around. Soon be Christmas!

  10. Jinsky, you even show the beginning or lead into winter to be these kind of mornings and want to walk among such beauty. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, so much appreciated.....:-) Hugs

  11. I love the idea of the Earth gathering back strength into itself!

  12. Thanks Jinksy, for your apt thoughts. You express them beautifully. I too am a poet but have not been writing for a while. You have inspired me to look at some of my own poems about autumn - in my case, I call one of them Harvest Gleanings. This because of my Canadian Prairie farm background. I think I am inspired - I am going to start in again. I will post the Harvest Gleanings on my blog as soon as I sign off... Shirley

  13. The personification of Earth is lovely...
    A very nice poem, jinksy.
    Smiles from Jackie

  14. Lovely, autumn thoughts....

  15. Dear Heart! This poem is just what I needed to cheer me up! I shall look at the seemingly never-ending rain with new eyes today.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  16. very nice!

    your words
    turn into pictures
    before i'm through Line 1...

    that's excellent!

    peace~ Chuck


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