Thursday, 17 September 2009

Technology Rules!

I have just received the following email from No.1 Son :-

Just to satisfy the curious, the drawer was returned via 'really old friend' courier. It now boasts a shiny new hardboard base, a few more bulges of set araldite and two brackets that. . . wait for it. . . . I had in my drawer! This baby will not fall apart again! (plus my drawer is two brackets lighter now to boot. Genius! )

Even better news, I'm posting this from my phone. The very same phone that decided to go swimming in the toilet! Which simply proves even shiny knights have bad days!

Now, which drawer did I put that armour polish in? .........

Sorry you had to write your own sequel, son!
I know I've already put some of my readers in the picture, but due to two days of attending dental and hospital appointments, I've not updated on the blog proper. I hasten to add, I've already requested further details of the phone in the toilet...How did I not get to hear of that little drama? (Son, how could you not regale me with such interesting details?)

By some quirk of fate, both the Tuesday and Wednesday appointments were for 2.20pm. However, the days could not have been more different.

The dentist is a short walk away. As I got ready to set out, tiny spots of rain splashed on the window panes. 'Only a shower', I thought. 'Be gone in no time.' Wrong; it rained long enough and hard enough to wet me to the skin, beneath my so called 'shower jacket'. The receptionist took pity on my plight, and put the dripping coat on a hanger underneath a heater in her office, while I reclined damply in the dentist's chair to have the new crown fitted. My T- shirt had dark moisture splodges on each area over underlying protuberances of my upper body - back and front, if you're wondering!

The temporary crown was attached a little too well. Initial tugging made me fear I was about to lose the actual tooth along with it, but after the second attempt, the dentist resorted to the good old fashioned method of drilling it to the point of collapse, and my root remained firm. I'm now the proud owner of a gleaming new crown that I hope will last another thirty years, as its predecessor had! At least the weather was fine on the return journey, and I could mourn the loss of the £89.50 I'd had to pay the NHS for my share in the process, without having tears of rain roll down my face, even as I flashed my new smile.

Wednesday dawned sunny and bright. Taxi driver arrived as requested, and deposited me at the shiny, new main entrance of Queen Alexandra Hospital in record time. Since last year, the building has altered out of all recognition. An up-to-the-minute glass facade of towering windows and multi-coloured panels twinkled in the afternoon light. The entrance is through two enormous revolving doors of modern construction, one behind the other. I assume this is to act as an air lock, designed keep the elements at bay and the lobby at an even temperature.

Signposting was clear, and the lift took me to the required level quickly and efficiently - providing you overlook the booming, mechanical voice that nearly deafened me each time it intoned 'Doors opening - Doors closing'. N.B - levels A,B, C and D were equally loud.

The building inside was roomy, bright, light and delicately coloured in pleasing pastel shades - what a joy. I found my designated area in gynaecology outpatients, and only had to endure the inanities of Radio 2 for about half an hour beyond my allotted appointment time.
Mr Bevan eventually called me into his room, reiterated that all was well, and said, after examination, he had no need to see me again.

The revolving doors disgorged me back into the sunshine, and I parked myself on a bench to enjoy it until the taxi came to deliver me home. One poor gentleman I spoke to whilst waiting, said he'd been at QA since 9am (it was now 3.30pm) and had even had time to read, from start to finish, the book he'd brought with him to stave off boredom. I'd got off lightly in comparison to this. My entire trip only took two hours, door to door.

6.30pm update. As received, here is Q's reply to my query, to round off the day for you his own words!

Well now, let me tell you a story.........

My phone was cozily snuggled up in my shirt pocket so I thought I had time to use the loo before it woke up. How wrong was I! It was simply waiting quietly for me to lift the lid of the loo and then it launched itself with all its might. I'm sure I heard it cry with glee as it dived straight into the clean (!) water in the loo. It looked up at me as if to say 'Well?Aren't you going to hold up some numbers and give my excellent dive a score????'.
'I'll give you flamin' numbers', I thought to myself.

I had to seriously reprimand my phone. I locked it in the airing cupboard for a whole week where it had nothing else to do other than ponder on its mischief. I even confiscated its SIM card and let my old phone look after it all week. (Between you and me I think that sealed my hope that my new phone will realize its wrong doing and will never take it upon itself to behave in such a manner ever, ever, ever again.)

So there you have it, sort of.



Suldog said...

I know the feeling with a crown (or a partial plate, in my case.) When last I needed it removed for service, it just wouldn't budge, being gripped so tightly with glue. It had to be drilled off.

Kay said...

uck! dentists and doctors, oh my! feels great to have them over with though, doesn't it?

Unknown said...

Hello Jinksy,

You make even the unpleasant appear less so with your writing. Glad all now seems well. There's just the matter of the toilet and telephone to resolve!

The Weaver of Grass said...

So glad all is well Jinksy - that and the sunshine must have made you feel good.
Sorry about the exorbitant cost of your NHS treatment at the dentist - actually we don't have NHS up here and we have to go privately - but it doesn't cost any more than that, so that made me feel good too.

Bernie said...

jinsky your life is so paralleled to mine I cannot believe it....I was at the dentist yesterday and I am going for a call back mammagram on Monday, what is it with us? Anyway glad all is well with you my friend and hopefully I will follow your footsteps on Monday showing the same wonderful results.
Our weather is breaking today and as much as I knew the heat wouldn't last I now have to accustom myself to the cold!!!!!
Luv you my friend and let's hope we can be done with doctors and dentist for awhile.
Have a great day.......:-) Hugs

Wanda..... said...

I should go to the dentist, but I don't want your nightmare to be my nightmare...Just kidding but dentists are like a bad dream for me...

Jean said...
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Angie Ledbetter said...

Dentist is a cuss word to me. Hope you're all well and good now.

Jackie said...

jinksy...what a great blog!! I love your son's writings...
The word 'crown' made me wince....and I'm glad that's over with...and the visit to the doctor, as well. I'm glad that you got a good report from the doctor.
May I say that I love to read the posts from outside the U.S. because of the words that I that we don't use... "lift"....and "loo"...I just love them (well, I don't love the loo...but love the word 'loo'...)
I'm glad that your day is behind you. It sounds like a long one. Hugs to you from Jackie.

Carolina said...

Every Queen needs a crown ;-)

Yippee! about your doctor's diagnose that all is well now. So happy for you.

And if your son, who clearly inherited his mother's writing talent, starts a blog himself I will become one of his 'stalkers'!

Maggie May said...

Just come back from the dentist where I had a deep cleanse! £29.95 (Nat Health dentist but have to pay privately for a cleanse.) So I think your crown was very good value all in all!
My SIL paid £2000 for two front crowns privately.

The baptism of the mobile in the toilet made me laugh!

Rinkly Rimes said...

I'm so glad you don't have to visit the doctor again and so impressed with your son's writing skils. You must have a wonderful relationship!

Tracey said...

Dentist are on the same par as Spiders in my eyes... AARRRGGGHHH!!

Marian Dean said...

I love your son Q way of writing... just like Mum eh?

Naughty phone, I wouldn't forgive mine if it did that.

Love Granny

Anonymous said...

Wow your son is so very 'you' LOL, I want to have lunch with both of you, that would be a blast!! You both have me giggling and hooked from the first word to the last, Yes, I really want to have lunch with you both :)

Sniffles and Smiles said...

Oh, this is hilarious!!!! My what a time you both have had of it!!!! Hope your dental work is settling in...and that your coming week brings lots of sunshine!!! Love to you, my dear friend! Janine XO