Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Here I Go Again

Thanks to a comment left by Kathleen on my previous post bemoaning the departure of the muse, I received a prompt. She'd said, among other things:-

'If you so much as wrote one word, say, "sneeze," I do believe I'd find some extraordinary meaning!' This was, naturally, a throwing down of the gauntlet.

Initially, I emailed her a reply - 'He he he - a poetic sneeze! Now I've heard it all!' To which she replied, 'Not yet: Ah, choo choo!'

Poetic Prompt

'Ah, choo choo!'
Is that a sneeze?
Or just a sound designed to please
a listening ear? I can't decide;
'tis p'raps a train ( designed to ride)
whose puffing engine children call
a 'Choo-choo train', when they are small?
Kathleen gave the prompt to me
and here is the result, you see.
She said, from just a single word
I'd get a poem. That's absurd...

or not . . .

Okay, not one of my best, but relevant to today, methinks. Yesterday was another of the scheduled delights in my calendar; a trip to the dentist to get impressions done for the replacement front crown on the tooth that has been a nuisance for weeks. All I hope now, is that the final crown will bear some resemblance to the original tooth shape, as the number of temporary patches have left a present shape far from normal.

I must say, the whole process was more space age than ever. Time was, an obnoxious, pink, warm wax was squelched around the upper and lower teeth to take the impressions. Yesterday, this was replaced by a cool blue substance, far less repulsive, and the temporary crown was concocted with a syringe full of gunk wielded by the dental nurse and honed to an acceptable state by the dentist; four hands hovering over my face, ducking and diving to produce an acceptable facsimile of a tooth until the final crown gets fixed in place in two weeks time.

Dentistry, along with many other things, has moved into the twenty first century.


  1. ahh jinksy - how do you do it?!!! i need you in my classroom to show 'em how it's done!!!! i hope that your finely crafted tooth will be greeted first by something tasty and fine!!! have a lovely day. steven

  2. You are wonderful. Take "Ah Choo"...and poetry emerges! You are great.
    And regarding dentistry.....why does it take 4 hands to work on one mouth? I've never figured that out!!!
    I know you will be well pleased with the outcome!!
    Smiles from Jackie to you!!!

  3. Jinksy, well done! "a choo-choo" train...heh!

    And I've yet to get back to the dentist...hope all goes well on your end :)

  4. Not absurd at all, Jinksy! I love how you put these delightful rhymes together, seemingly so simple but not, I know. And, you have a dentist?!

  5. Very clever rhyme from one word Jinksy - shall now try it but I am afraid I am not in your class when it comes to rhyming poems - but nothing ventured.
    Re essential person-maintenance - that is the worst problem with getting older, there is always something needing repair (or replacement!)

  6. Love the poem. As for the dentistry, I know all too well how hideous it can be - and, also, how amazing is the progress made since I was a child. I have full implants for my uppers, a thing unheard of when I was born. They are wonderful, and I never even think of them as being anything other than my teeth (that is, they do not come out and I never even consider them, unlike dentures.)

  7. the dentists just amaze me these days as well! cute poem! :)

  8. Jinsky, you are one amazing lady, you even describe your trips to the dentist so that I feel I am sitting there having the work done....mind you I have been there a few times these past few weeks....and oh what you have done with the word sneeze, only you can do this my friend. I hope you appreciate your wonderful talent.......:-) Hugs

  9. The poem next time the muse is can just ask for words to be thrown at you and get inspired again Jinksy...

  10. I enjoyed that poem.
    Now that I have no teeth it gets better.

  11. I am standing rather tall at the moment, which is quite an accomplishment for a 5 foot 0 inch adventure grrrl!

    You're the best, Jinksy -- T H E B E S T , I tell you.

    Why? Well, your poetry speaks for itself. But also, because you're brave enough to go to the dentist!

  12. The poem is great fun! Ah, but is 'Ah choo choo' a single word, or is it three?

    Not that I doubt your ability. I'm sure if I challenged you to write a poem inspired by the word 'deliquescent' you'd have one whipped up in no time!

    *Taps fingers*


  13. Jay - methinks the one word was actually 'sneeze'. It was Kathleen who stretched it to the three, when she attempted to recreate the sneeze sound...

    And deliquescent??!! Give me a dictionary, quickly! You've beaten me...

  14. Stone the crows, Jay!

    '...the property of a substance that inclines the substance to absorb moisture from the atmosphere until it dissolves. An example of substances having this property would be water-soluble salts.'

    Apart from the crocodile tears you've made me cry, there will be no poem forthcoming... mostly because you keep yourself, or rather, your blog, incognito. My Mum always told me I shouldn't talk to strangers! :)

  15. A sneeze just in time for autumn, I shall have to remember the verse and repeat it when people sneeze in my face. It's a bouncy enough rhyme for that. Hope your smile will soon match the one in your blog picture again.

  16. I wonder what you'll write after the dentist has finished with you.

  17. Dentists really know the drill ....!

  18. What a terrific poem Jinksy!! Well done you. I hate it when they stick that stuff into your mouth, if makes me gag. I do hope they make a decent crown for you and you get it sorted at last. Teeth, nothing but a pain from start to finish.

  19. Dentists are your best friends at certain times.

  20. Hey Jinksy,
    Just wanted to say that I have been thinking about you and I hope that you are feeling healthy and good these days. It seems as though you are in one of those valleys between the mountains ... you always keep your sense of humour. I would love to have tea with you! Take care.

  21. Yes, you are braver, than I.

    Of all the medical procedures and physicians I see, which is more than I care to list, the dentist is most feared. My dentist is a personal friend, too, and he knows I hate to see him professionally.

  22. Great little poem Jinsky!
    And I knew my dentist at school so "to put me at ease" he gabbles away about our schooldays while he's doing horrendous stuff to my teeth...UGH!

  23. Congratulations Jinksy on your runner up for POTD, well deserved my friend.....:-) Hugs

  24. the 'a choo choo' train made me smile. Very clever!

  25. Kathleen seems like a wonderful blogger buddy to have.


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