Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Bye Bye Bus

Okay, so Monday's dead and gone
but happy bloggers carry on
and need some mid-week stimulation.
So here just for the Blogland nation
I'll try to dig up from my mind
another dose ('cause I'm so kind!)
of lunacy or or even mayhem
designed to simply entertain 'em.

Hmm... I can hear my conscience telling me 'Never make promises you can't keep.' Perhaps it's the early hour (just after seven) that prompted me to be so rash. Serves me right for switching on the computer instead of the washing machine.
Now here I am, exposed as a fraud. No entertaining ditty sprang to my mind, and I shall now retire to the servants quarters, banished from the parlour for for not delivering the goods.
Maybe after I've been forced to attend to all the chores, the head parlour maid will let me back above stairs to open the front door to more Blogland visitors.

Much later the same day...

Well, my carpets are less bitty
and clean washing looks quite pretty
but I have no funny ditty
to add. Oh, what a pity!

Sorry if you wandered by
hoping I'd give it a try -
I'm usually so do-or-die -
but my rhyming well is dry!

Along with the washing...
Who mentioned that disgusting word ironing? Go wash your mouth out...


  1. Hello Jinksy. "Confusion" buys you a ticket on the POETRY BUS this week.
    Is that why you tried to wash your vest on the www while sending blogposts to the washing machine?
    Nevertheless . . your ditty is as witty as usual.

  2. ERm..Who's confused Doc? That subject is for next week's Poetry Bus, on Monday 26th!

  3. Now you see how badly explained the POETRY BUS is! In fact, it isn't actually explained anywhere in a form that a raw beginner can understand OR EVEN FIND anywhere on www. Surely it's week starts on the Wednesday when the Driver declares the subject, i.e today, and finishes on Monday 26th?

  4. You are always entertaining Jinksy, even when you think you're in the cellar! :)

  5. I do hope you are allowed upstairs again.
    This is a fun post, not at all disappointing ;-)

  6. Could you ever be anything other than entertaining, Jinksy? Don't answer that!

  7. After you get all the little jobs out of the way you can always put up another post, hey, this is your blog. Smile.

  8. Well, Jinksy - I am expecting a funny AND confusing entry to your bus on Monday - so get your bus pass out - maybe ironing will stimulate the comedy side of your brain cells - you never know, perhaps it is worth a try.

  9. You are too modest dear Jinksy. It was well worth the second visit and I suspect you are not like my mother-in-law who even irons her underwear. But then again she's crazy in a non-funny way.

  10. Ironing? I shudder to even think of it!

  11. Ironing? Perish the thought. My cat does all the ironing in my house. I think.

  12. Oh now this was good.....I am stil laughing.
    ..........:-) hugs

  13. Jinksy...I so agree with you...
    This washing-drying-ironing process...Grrr...
    I am LOl...Hilarious!!!

  14. where better place to practise putting in a link, than my own blog? Here goes Doc

  15. Jinksy, that was a pretty good small-poetry effort I thought! - Dave

  16. Jinksy . . . your links worked both ways! Welcome to the World of LinksInComments bloggers!

  17. Thanks, Doc for explaining in words of one syllable - or something!

  18. Jinksy, you never fail to make me smile.

    I think ironing much be an English term. We don't know that term in Canada:)



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