Thursday, 22 July 2010


I was once young and foolish.
This faded, serious photo
is of Jinksy, aged about four.

Look closely at the picture -
who in their right mind
would willingly wear
jodhpurs for leggings?

Now I am considerably older,
but not as foolish, I hope.

And I can prove it to you,
right now, before your very eyes!
And how am I going to do that,
I hear you ask? Well, I've cracked the Link-in-the-comments-puzzle, thanks to Dr FTSE, who wrote out an idiots guide for me.

Here it is, for anyone to share who has not yet been initiated into the mystery.

Principle - you are inserting bits of html code, (called "tags") before and after the word or words that you want the reader to CLICK on.  Your PC will process these bits of code accordingly, and will take the reader to the chosen URL, in a new window.  html = hypertext markup language

1.  Copy the full URL of the site/blog/individual post that you want to link to.


     I do this by going to the site etc and dragging and copying from the URL address bar.

2.  Return to the post where you want to leave a comment, and write your comment in the "comment" pane.

3.  Decide which word or words in your comment you want to show up as the LINK to be clicked on.

4. Click the cursor in your comment in front of your chosen link words

WARNING!!!!  IN what follows, you must use ANGLE BRACKETS < or >, where I use round brackets, e.g. ( and )
If I use < >'s in this message, my eMailer will try to interpret 5, 6 and 7 as html code, and something will screw up.

5. Type  (a href="URL to be linked to")   NOTE THE QUOTE MARKS!  FORGETTING THESE IS THE COMMONEST MISTAKE.  You can insert the URL by pasting, if you have copied it as in 1) above

6. Immediately after the link words, type (/a)

7. So the whole thing, before you preview your comment, will look like :-
   Blah blah (a href="") LINK WORDS (/a) blah.

8.  You will see the code in your typed comment, but not in the preview and the published post, which will show the LINK WORDS in colour.

Forgetting the quote marks and the ) AFTER the URL are the most usual mistakes.  Mistakes will generate a red warning when you preview, saying something like  "HTML not accepted. Tag not closed"

Happy linking!  DON'T BE SCARED OF IT!  

Now, if that's not enough proof for you that I have learned a modicom of sense along the way, I don't know what is, for in the comments to my previous post I have actually applied Doc's instructions, and you can see for yourself they worked! 

While I'm at it, here is another handy tip, from another of my Blogpals.

Very helpful advice, ( to any / every  Blogee ), that Braja kindly put in one of her blogcomments:-

" is the address that your comments are sent from. You haven't designated an email address so that anyone can reply. It blocks communication.
Go to your profile. Click on Edit profile, and then choose the third box down, Show My Email. Simple."

Happy Blogging, Folks! Long may we be around to savour to its joys!


  1. Thanks for this. However it would be easier for me to write a Shakespearean sonnet cleaved in Cantonese before I could master this.

  2. Well! That techie guide is quite amazing. Thank you for sharing it; one day I might be brave enough....
    Love your serious little girl photo. I used to have a big bow in my hair too.

  3. You're gorgeous, Jinksy! And when I click on the photo and it gets larger (oh yes it does) there is the same very face that smiles out from your profile photo. And somehow it is uncanny to me that we are born who we are and maintain this throughout our lives, but here you are! Wonderful share.


  4. It's easy enough, but you'd think that the mighty Google could spruce up the comment options. Blogger is like the poor stepchild of the Google empire. Or is that a mixed metaphor?

  5. Aww, sweet - and I don't suppose it was your choice to wear jodhpurs. You really haven't changed very much :-)
    I'll have to come back and look at the linky thing when I've acquired a brain.

  6. You have gone to the other side!

  7. Awwwwwwwwwww, aside from the jodhpurs, you've barely changed at all - what a gorgeous photo! And, ooooh, thanks for that - I never knew about checking the email box!!

  8. Rall . . . Rall . . . Rall! If Jinksy can do linksy in a blinksy, so can you!

    Anvil Cloud . . you are SO RIGHT! You can put links in your POSTS as easily as into Google eMails. So why doesn't Blogger stitch the same facility into the comments pane?

  9. Woman in Window . . . if you DON"T WANT a post picture to get bigger when your reader CLICKS on it . . . the html edit is quite schimples! A CLICK IN PICTURE actually jumps the reader out of the blog to the URL of the picture stored somewhere in the vastness of Blogland, so the reader has to CLICK the "back" button to return to the blog. (That's what happens on my ancient Mac. Might be different on PC's)
    Reply to this comment if you want to learn more and Dr.FTSE will guide your footsteps.

  10. Jinksy . . . Jinksy . . . where are my manners! You was just lovely at about 4 in jodhpurs! And now . . . no less so! Hugs!

  11. Blimey, Doc - Do you come here just to chat to my followers?!

  12. You were such a cute little girl, Jinksy. You are still a cutie but you dress differently now.

  13. Had you left the pony outside, Jinksy? I'm taken by how mature a four year old person can look. Those studio portraits had a habit of doing that! Seems like you and Dr FTSE have something going here!

  14. Derrick-
    I was born old! I put it down to being bombarded with bombs on every side - it tended to make me grow up fast I guess!
    And my only pony was Shanks'...

    As for Footsie and Jinksie, I think we frequently do daggers at dawn! Are you going to volunteer to be a Second?!

  15. lovely photo of junior jinksy! in jodhpurs even!!!! steven

  16. I am just going to say it -- you were a darling little cutie when you were a wee one. And I for one WOULD where johdpurs! I love when you share pictures and art. Can't help it. I just love it!

  17. I am confused and bewildered. Can't grapple it. Love the photo. What a little sweetheart!

  18. As a semi-illiterate computer user, I bow to your new knowledge and am copying it out to post on my bulletin board above my laptop. I'm a person who knows how to turn on the telly and switch channels but have no idea of its workings. Same for the computer! lol

  19. Well, I'll try.......but it might be easier to get my legs into those skinny jodhpur leggings!

  20. I've often wondered how to do this, Jinksy, now I know, thanks to that adorable child that has grown up to be a most wonderfully talented person, that I now know!

  21. Call me a loser but I am not even going to try.
    I think I wore your hand me downs, or our mothers had the same taste in clothes....:-)Hugs

  22. Hi Jinksy. Thanks for switching to my new address. The photo is beautiful. I guess I'm not in my right mind as I have a picture of myself in jodphurs at about the same age. And no, I wasn't a horsewoman. I just really liked them. I also had a coat with a velvet collar, but I don't think I had enough style sense to wear them together.

  23. Yay! I will try this next week at POW. I've already posted today...but I'm excited to learn something new. I love the jodhpur leggings, it shows individuality! You go girl! :)

  24. thanks so much for posting this techy stuff - I'm going to have a go (somehwere else) NOW... see what I did there too?

    p.s. how cute are YOU? x

  25. ... a post for the ages ~ in every sense of the word! Many thanks .............


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