Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Morning Has Broken

As it tends to do following a sunset. But this one has turned about face, and made me want to continue with the evening theme, thanks to a post by Delwyn I've just read here, which explains the poetic form called an Etheree. 

This is poem of 55 syllables, which has 10 lines, beginning with one syllable and building with the addition of one syllable each line to a total of 10.

So here is my first attempt at an Etheree, inspired by A Hazy Moon... and my previous post.

draws in;
red sun sinks
in slow splendour
below horizon,
blanketing countryside,
flooding sky with molten gold
to forge its shimmering image
into a memory we carry
within our heart, a treasure beyond price.


  1. Etheree is a new one to me but it looks an interesting challenge! I liked your etheree and Delwyn's. I like your doodles and paintings too. Something different to ponder.

  2. The poem's a little gem, but the painting's a knockout. I am really sold on it.

  3. Beautiful words and image.

  4. A fabulous pairing of image and etheree!!

  5. Hi Jinksy,

    A new form to me. I'll have to give it a go! This is lovely and your painting is a great match.

  6. Stunning! Both your ability to write an etheree (never heard of that before, so thanks for adding to my education hehe) and to produce such a gorgeous painting.

  7. makes me wonder... can you imagine if we could remember every single sunset, sunrise that we have witnessed??

    Would we ever wonder if we have seen enough?

    I believe you've master this new challenge already!

  8. JInksy . . . that's some creditable effort! I was thinking of trying an etheree on the subject "Setting out the Red Balls for a Game of Snooker" . . . the result would look about right. Go on . . . give it a go for us!

  9. There, I told you!
    This is actually very good.
    I shall have to try an Etheree mysyelf. Where does the word come from?

  10. Love the poem, love the picture and love the look of your new Blog!
    Blessings, Star

  11. Jinsky! You never fail to leave me drop-jawed with delighted astonishment (not least your call this morning - wonderfully wonderful!) Not only that, but I learn something really worth knowing each time I visit your blog. An Etheree - goodnessgraciousme - beautifully written by you, of course, but it makes my brain rattle at the thought of actually attempting same!

    Glorious image to accompany the Etheree - and the pictures in your last post are amazing. Are you doodling with paint or computer...difficult to tell. Whichever way you do it, you certainly have a gift (another one...crikey, Jinks - you are loaded with talent!)

    Sending love, peace and laughter. xx

  12. interesting form, thanks for spreading it!

    reminds me of the snowflake - think that one spreads out and goes back in - and it's elongated by one letter in each line, or something!!
    yours flows really nicely there

  13. damn, brilliant! and with all those rules... makes it pretty outstanding actually.

  14. Clever little poem/brilliant painting (I want it)

  15. You are always amazing me, Jinksy.

  16. ..to forge its shimmering image
    into a memory we carry within our heart.. love it!!

  17. Some of nature's delights are indeed treasures. A beautiful sunset is way up there on the list of wonders.

  18. Hi Jinksy

    I love your etheree and especially the way the geometric form of the written poem seems to take the shape of a sinking sun on the horizon...
    Your image is glowing...

    Happy days

  19. It may be new but it is just as wonderful my friend, love your wonderful painting....:-)Hugs


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