Friday, 18 March 2011

And What Does Friday Mean?

A chance to write 55 words of wisdom to keep Mr G-Man alive and kicking! I've used my ration to let you all peep into my Diary - A Day To Day Diatribe from a newly minted septuagenarian who still hasn't learned to keep stumm for any length of time. There are too many words waiting to be born anew...

Is There A Doctor In The House?

My screen has laryngitis – it hasn’t got a voice.
It really is a nuisance! It isn't very 'noice'
not to hear some music via YouTube like before -
nor listen to the Archers on my favourite Radio 4.
I hope my son will fix it soon - a bit of sound is such a boon!

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  1. aww...hope he can get you some sounds...i cant stand computer problems...

  2. I have a son who fixes computer things, too. Invaluable.

  3. Maybe you deserve to treat yourself with a non-hand-me-down computer. Cone on, you're worth it. While you're at it, if you listen to music/radio through the computer, get yourself a decent set of speakers. So there, the AC is On and has spoken. :)

  4. I too have had trouble talking- (real kind of flu)
    hope yours gets solved soon! thanks

  5. best wishes for your computer issue.
    well delivered sentiments.

    Happy Weekend.

  6. It's a love-hate relationship for me with my PC. I'm too stubborn to not try to learn how to fix things, but I hate every minute of learning anything new as I get older--I find that appalling and try to make myself be less hidebound, but the underlying distaste for "newfangled" and the subsequent work it takes to deal with it often makes me shove things aside. Glad you have someone to turn to to tune you up.

  7. Oh, too cute, Jinksy. Hope you get the sound-show back in action soon.

  8. Don't fret, at least it still works!
    Lovely 55 M'Dear.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. Bummer. I hate computer problems too. I am stubborn though and either ignore things or have to tinker with them myself before I can bear to ask someone to help. I hope your son gets it back up and running soon!

  10. Sounds like a virus. I kid. Great 55.

  11. Pro tip: Try banging your fist on it. I like the poem. I'm learning from you.

  12. Love the use of 'noice' in this 55.

  13. So glad you have a son that can fix it for you! How dare the computer hold sound hostage?

  14. Dear Pen,
    great! My computer felt overfed with photos (I have 12 000 on i-photo) - and asked for a diet. "Noice"!

  15. Well, congrats on the 70 thing!!

    You're just getting started, it seems to me.

    And guess what?? This coming Sunday on my blog I'll be posting a video of me singing a new song -- I know you were asking when I'd sing for you all again.


  16. Perhaps you've accidentally clicked the mute?
    Or maybe the speaker cable has fallen out?
    It might need a driver reinstall then reboot..
    Or the old adage - 'if in doubt, give it a clout'!

    Hope you get it fixed anyway :)

  17. Oh nooooo!! (did ya hear my tearful sobs?) I hope your son cures it soon... some antibiotics should help..

    If it's Windows, perhaps you could could just give it a tight slap.. and reboot.. sometimes, it really works! I've tried that on mine.. (successfully :))

  18. Stand aside! I'm a Doctor. The computer just needs a poultice. I've seen this sort of thing before . . .

  19. Oh yeah, how I hate computer problems. But it comes with the package of going techie. :-) Anyway, we learn as we go along ... the hard way most of the time.

    Blessings to you and your family. Hope you're having a lovely and blessed weekend.


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