Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hats Off, People!

Why? Because it's only polite when you come to call at Napple Mansions. Tomorrow, 16th March, I will need help to blow out the seventy candles that will be adorning my tiny cup cake.

A year ago, I gave Blogpals  fair warning that I would be expecting a little rhyme written for the occasion, which would then give them the right come to my party as an honoured guest.

I'm thinking it will be a rather extended affair, and I envisage it going on for the best part of a week, while I wait for your muse to strike.... I think I should start the ball rolling...


Amid the bombs in '41 I came into the world.
But now I want to celebrate, so get the flags unfurled!
String 'em all round Blogland, red and white and blue,
and please come to my party - yes, you , and you, and you!
Write a little ditty, but not TOO rude , I pray,
and help me live it up a bit on my special day!


  1. There will be POEM! Just you wait. The celebration is soon to begin!

  2. Welcome, my first guest! You can help me lay the table, Lightverse, and string up those flags!!

  3. If it hadn't been
    for bombs that blast
    there'd be no Jinksy
    to have a past.

    (Maybe. Thinking of how your parents must have amused themselves during those raids.)

  4. Nice idea AC, but my Dad was in the Navy, with only limited leave. LOL I don't remember seeing him until I was over a year old!

  5. Will take paper and pen in front of the stove later tonight and come up with something appropriate I hope!

  6. I find if I send the following as a text or an eMail, the recipient never fails to catch on. Soooooo

    "Da da dee da dee dum
    Da da dee da dee dum
    Da da dee da dear Jinksy
    Da da dee da dee dum"


  7. Some people are born smart arses... Doc...

  8. Had I but known, a week ago,
    I would have made a card
    To honor this momentous day.
    But it would be quite hard
    To mail a card from where I am
    To where you are, my dear,
    And have it still arrive in time
    To wish you lots of cheer.

    And so, these words will have to do.
    I hope that you'll agree
    That my wishes for your birthday
    Are warm, and that you'll be
    Happy with my efforts to compose
    This bit. It's hard for me to rhyme
    My words -- as you well know --
    But I've really tried this time.

    Happy Birthday, Jinksy. It's a "lame" poem, I know, but can I get a decent mark for effort?

  9. Oh, Jinsky , I will try, but should I fail, believe I wished to do you honour!
    Happy, happy birthday, dear Pen - I hope there will be joys unexpected on this day:-)

  10. Pat and Jablog - I can't keep pace with answereing comments on the blog - I shall go back to emails! Thank you both, though! XX

  11. First poem written since my teenage years, inspired by Jinksy's birthday :-)

    Oh my goodness can it be that Jinksy’s approaching seventy?
    We hope with flag (red white and blue) that we can celebrate with you,
    So light the candles, blow them out and make a wish (shh...don’t shout)
    Your wish is secret (just for you) or perhaps it won’t come true...

  12. It's rubbish (but heartfelt if that helps!), so Happy Birthday, Jinksy, and I look forward to your next year of postings! Jo

  13. Oh dear, sorry - posted poem as Google Friend and comment as Wordpress Blog. Sorry - I'm a nitwit.

  14. One of the many joys of living in New Zealand is that we are the first to have 'today'. And my today is your Birthday! Yay! (I am not trying to write a poem here - this is accidental rhyming)
    Many, many happies, dear Pen! And thank you for being you and giving us your daily notes. x

  15. And here is your Bro's offering:

    Dear Pen, I tried to write a rhyme
    A week ago, in heaps of time.
    I did not need a mem'ry jog
    Like that you put upon your blog.

    Alas, my efforts were in vain;
    My thoughts would roam down mem'ry lane;
    And there they'd lose that discipline
    Of metre that good poems are in.

    So doggerel it has to be;
    A simple verse to you, from me;
    Perhaps some help about that cake,
    Advice that you are free to take:

    Too many candles on that cake
    Could start a fire, and hearts would break;
    Put seventy cupcakes on one candle:
    No fear of fire too hot to handle.

    And when that flame is out, and done,
    You'll still be around for seventy-one.

  16. That's my Bro! You and Mutti have done me proud! LOL XXX

  17. Oh such courage! I love it. So glad to have found you---

    Cheery Miss Jinksy
    Wrote with a pen
    To all her friends.

    All-of-them came
    Greetings to say
    Have a most wonderful
    Happy Birthday!

  18. No poet here, so
    I hope you'll be content
    with prosaic, but heartfelt,
    best wishes for the day
    and many more to come!

  19. Happy Birthday, dear Jinksky
    You're looking so fine
    You're seventy but you don't look
    A day over sixty nine. ;)

    Wishing you all the best, my friend!

  20. Happy Birthday to you, dear Penny!
    70 candles to blow out, really so many?
    They are standing on a cake, right in the middle –
    And I wish you with all my heart: stay as fit as a fiddle!
    Thank you for your poems and your humour
    (To me 70 candles sound like a rumour):
    You write, you verse, you draw and sing:
    Quite a Renaissance talent you bring –
    To us, to blogland, and we cheer:
    Happy, happy birthday, dear!

  21. Happy Birthday dear Jinsky
    And many, many more
    When I learned you were seventy
    I fell to the floor, you look so young
    What can I say except to remind you
    Enjoy your day!......:-)Hugs

    Okay I did try since it is such an special occasion. I do hope you have a wonderful day surrounded by family, friends and much love.

  22. FTSE tries again . .

    At the tender age of 20
    She had boyfriends in plenty.
    By the time she got to 30
    She'd really grown quite flirty
    She made it through to 40
    still feeling rather naughty
    And homing in on 50
    she managed to stay nifty
    (Long pause. Rhyme for 60?)
    Hmmmm . . Ah! I.KNOW)
    On reaching her three score
    She still could take the floor
    At three score years and ten
    We're SO GLAD she's our frien . . d


  23. Has it been a whole year
    since your last birthday here?
    Write poems you command,
    to your friends in all Blogland.
    Seventy candles on your cake,
    surely that's a big mistake.
    Some of us aren't far behind,
    Hope the years are just as kind.
    Your sharp wit...I so admire.
    What a sight...70 candles all afire.
    Happy Birthday from me to you.
    A fellow friend...born in March too.

  24. I think that I shall never see
    A lady lovely as Jinkseeee

    And on her birthday yesterday
    I hope she had the time to play

    I wish I knew what it would take
    To fax the lass a birthday cake.


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