Sunday, 20 March 2011

Stretched Out Birthdays

I can recommend one of these. By having several action replays of  my latest one, it gave me time to absorb the fact in a most civilised manner. I could begin with admitting 'I'm sixty nine plus one day', before I had to awake to the unalterable truth 'I'm seventy!' Hehehe!
I'd like to thank everyone who 'penned ditties for Pen', and ask them all to share in a sniff of these flowers which my kids sent on The Day.

When the grandchildren came yesterday, they brought me a cake with just enough candles to avoid a conflagration, but enough chocolate to satisfy their souls and mine.

Eldest granddaughter had wanted to make biscuits to bring, but after a rush job the night before at 8pm, they were voted too sweet, and were consigned to oblivion. To recompense her hard word, she and I retired to my kitchen, and she cooked a less sugary batch, which she pronounced 'Fine' - but they disappeared quickly, so no pictures!

Youngest granddaughter brought her Fairy Castle, a rather '3D jigsaw puzzle' of a palace, which took much concentration to erect, as the instructions had got lost one time, in transit. It is a well travelled castle.

While we girls were playing, No.1 son got to grips with my computer, but despite installation of a new sound card, it, and therefore I, remain in a silent place for the time being.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible!


  1. I like 3D jigsaws:-) Well, I like jigsaws of all sorts but the Fairy Castle looks wonderful - very girly!
    Sorry about your lack of sound but your words are still in evidence to be enjoyed.
    It's so good when birthdays extend . . .

  2. Looks like a wonderful way to spend your milestone day.. it would have been perfect if the computer fix had worked.

  3. A very happy Belated one, old girl!

    Are you now going to turn into a sensible, mature woman?
    I hope not.

  4. happy belated birthday. the puzzle looks interesting and the cake looks tasty.

  5. Cuppa is also a master (mistress?) of the everlasting celebration. I swear it goes on for a month some years.

  6. Moments like these are treasures. Everything is so perfectly imperfect and so imperfectly perfect but oh so gorgeously delightful ..... however you look at it :-) :-) :-)

    Happy birthday.. a belated one I know... but you make it seem that everyday is a birthday!

    Blessings to you and your lovely family.

  7. I don't believe you're 70! I think you are (3 x 21 yr.olds) + (1 x 7 yr. old) all in one package!
    May your lovely granddaughters keep you ever young!

  8. You are having a month of birthday celebrations.
    The flowers are lovely and the cake looks yummy.
    You are fortunate to have your kids and grandkids near enough to see them occasionally, especially to help you celebrate your birthday.

  9. I know a woman who is 93 and every year she celebrates the entire month of February, a fact I'm sure most of the restaurants she visits do not know. But she gets lots and lots of free desserts....

  10. That looks like the very best sort of birthday party ! We must (where appropriate ... not Dr FTSE and Anvilcloud , obviously) celebrate our PINK girly-ness more .... and , naturally eat lots of chocolate .
    Happy Birthday .... I hope you can spin it out for at least a couple of weeks more !

  11. Happy extended birthday! Have been meaning to write you some birthday wishes for days, but the task of making it rhyme proved too daunting, and the task got signed into the procrastination tray. The thoughts were still there though. xxx

  12. Glad you had a nice birthday with your grandchildren Pen - Dave


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