Friday, 4 March 2011

I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud

And found ? No! Not a blooming crowd
of daffodils, all bright and breezy,
but something which was far more pleasey!
A clever site that gives quotations -
you'll find one fit for situations
never dreamed of! Have a look?
I am sure I'm not mistook!
Here, << just click upon this link
and let me know what you all think!
It's to Rob at Thursday Think Tank
that I want to give a big 'Thank
you' for pointing out the site.
Now go and have some fun! Alright?


  1. Having the right quotation for each and every situation would be startlingly impressive .
    I must add to my two or three well-used , rather stretchy ones immediately .
    And I'm enchanted by the idea of situations never dreamt of .
    I'm off immediately .
    I might be some time ......

  2. rent-a-quote for rent-a-writer?
    I couldn't even find the refresh button. just goes to show how stupid I am.

  3. That title was a bell-ringer. Had completely forgotten that I ever read that WW poem.

  4. I love the original Wordsworth poem..... and yours is a good second!!!!!!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. Certainly will Jinksy, am leaving now to see.

  6. I love your word "pleasy". This is a pleasy site. :)

  7. A wonderful take on the prompt, Jinksy...definitely a day brightener! I too love your use of "pleasy" and think it should be made a permanent part of the lexicon...:)


  8. How a website looks is not nearly as important as what's sonnet....

    The verification word is zygly. Your poem made me feel all zygly.

  9. Well Done~ I didn't see where you were headed at first ;-D


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