Thursday, 1 May 2014

Pesto Houmous

My eyes focussed on those two words as I threw a paper wrapper in the bin, and my brain had a Harry Potter moment. I suddenly pictured them being used as a spell to ward off any loutish or unseemly behaviour.
"Pesto Hounous!" car drivers could shout at jaywalkers, to make them think twice before undertaking a potential suicide mission.
"Pesto Houmous!" we could fling at unruly youths as they mingled in boisterous groups, blocking our path.
"Pesto Houmous"! we could chant, as we pointed our invisible wands at the non-public spirited dog-walker who failed to have a Pooper-Scooper ready to wield as necessary.

Now you try. Say the words out loud and with gusto, then give us a clue as to whom you might be inspired to aim them at! Hehehe! And at worst, should your spell prove effective, your victim would only be covered in a tasty, green-tinted sludge, and no harm would have been done.


Pat - Arkansas said...

You are too clever, m'dear! Now that you've planted the idea in my brain, I shall shout (or whisper) "Pesto Houmous" on appropriate occasions, and none, unless they, too, read your blog, will be the wiser.

Doctor FTSE said...

Thank you, Jinksy. This spell has wide application, wider than you suspect, I think. For example. coming home in the car just now I found that shouting "Pesto Houmous" when stopped at a red light caused it to turn green. Eventually.

Slamdunk said...

I'll remember that as the empty handed dog walker's cousin jogs by, leaving me at risk of stepping in an unpleasant surprise.

Jinksy said...

Perhaps I should get a fleet of planes to drop pamphlets worldwide, then everyone could work the magic.
It might make for a greener Earth... LOL

Jinksy said...

That was a neat trick, by any standards. :-)

Jinksy said...

Do let me know if it works for you?! LOL