Saturday, 18 July 2009

As Phoenix Requested

This is me talking to/about a couple of my pencils, as per comment/ suggestion left on my last post. I should probably explain, I have pencils at all points of the compass, so it was no easy task deciding which I should engage in conversation. I eventually opted to concentrate on the one which had produced the Enigma poem, the most recent of my efforts - until today, that is.

To be totally contrary, though, both of the following were tapped out on the keyboard; no back of envelope (traditional) or pencil (optional) played any part in their composition.

Ode To An Old, Wooden Pencil

Oh, Pencil! How your black and red
draws words and pictures from my head.
The painted stripes are dented, scratched,
but still your black lead stays intact.
You once belonged unto another,
who chewed your end. It made me shudder.
But when I found you, sad, forlorn,
I docked your tail. You were reborn.
Now, detrimental teeth marks gone,
and pristine eraser placed upon
your nether regions, you're renewed -
one cannot tell you had been chewed!

Blue Clutch Wonder

Nought point seven millimetre,
Pentel two oh seven;
a wonder of the modern age,
a pencil straight from heaven.

Turquoise barrel, silver clip,
twelve leads inside his shell;
consistency of breadth is his,
he always serves me well.

His point is ever crisp and sharp,
yet soft and freely flowing,
with leads advancing one by one;
spare refills keep him going.

No sharpener need spoil his head,
and splinter pointed dome,
for on this marvel of design,
his headgear's made of chrome.


  1. While I've been dissecting life's big questions, you have been talking to your pencils. It goes to show that our attention can be trained to focus anywhere.

  2. But you talk so well to pencils...and the latter pencil: can't chew the head of that one, eh jinksy? Bad on the teeth. Both poems are per jinksy's style.

  3. Very nice and inspiring, Jinsky! Even caused me to wonder a bit about how a pencil might feel.


  4. How do you come up with these? Fabulous! I have a friend who's a poet and she often sends me copies via email. Some I get and some are just so obscure, my brain fails me. But these - are wonderful. I can just "see" both types of pencils. Wish I were as good with words!

  5. You are too clever by half. You should write a poem about writing poems for you blog.

  6. How do you do that? You take an object I see every day and make me feel like it was the first time I ever laid eyes on it.

  7. I am so amazed at how quick you are with giving magical words to a simple idea! I bet both your pencils must be smiling.

  8. What a lovely idea - to talk to your pencils! I enjoyed your poems too. They made me smile.
    Blessings, Star

  9. Talking to pencils Jinksy? Still I don't suppose it is any sillier than talking to my Bernina machine which I do all the time - it is the only thing which keeps her running smoothly.

  10. Enjoyed it Jinksy! Such thoughtful writing even if I can honestly say I have never given my pencil this much consideration!

  11. Oh! I love them both,but especially the Ode to the Old Wooden Pencil! Brilliant! Your ability to create poetry from looking at ordinary things continues to amaze me.

  12. Love the pencil poems, especially the latter.

  13. The pencil poem was marvelous. The blog is good and especially the way you write is good.

  14. Ha! I love them both, but I have to confess a strong affection for your black and red wooden pencil, dinged and chewed or not! Mmm ... I still remember the taste of those things! LOL!

  15. Goodness me, it's true, you can take any subject matter and turn it into a work of art! You have a gift for writing, regardless of what it is about.

  16. I love both poems. Love that you would write of pencil. I much prefer the girth and honesty of the old pencil. There is a chap you can trust. Those new ones flow nicely but there's something about them that I distrust.

  17. I agree with Leslie, my brain often collapses when it tries to fathom certain poetry, but never with yours. I do like poems to make sense. Well done, again, Jinksy.

  18. It amazes me that you can write such a poem about something like pencils! Excellent.
    Have you thought about writing for cards? you'd be good!

  19. Apart from talking to pencils and shiny screens you're okay, are you?
    Quite apart from talking to strange men called David! There's a comment on your comment; well, I say! I suppose "thanks" would do for now until I can think of revenge?

  20. Wow. How amazing Jinksy, both poems are just super and the first is so funny. I can see that poor old chewed pencil given life anew. Then the second, oh so posh, a high class pencil if ever there was one! Brilliant.


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