Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Jumping On The Bandwagon

I am beginning to feel some of my readers are guilty of this crime. Though come to think of it, what is a bandwagon? And if several readers jumped at once, would it collapse, or merely overturn?

Perhaps I should stop following this unproductive line of thought, and focus on the accepted meaning of the phrase. As I understand it, it's a way of describing a somewhat copycat mindset.
It would seem, after noting my fairly fast following up on their suggestions for poetic subject matter, that several Blogpersons are challenging me to pit my wits against unseen forces of inspiration on a somewhat regular basis.

More than once has Gumbo Writer prompted me in this fashion. Sometimes I can reply 'by return', as it were, but occasionally it takes a while to get my thinking into gear. Such was the case recently, when in an email of hers, she remarked that my phrase 'the larks and owls would never meet' sounded as though it should warrant a poem of its own.

Eventually, the cogs and wheels whirred, and I emailed her the resultant lines - for her eyes only, as you might say. But then I got to thinking, why limit readership? Why not cast it on the waters of Blogland's Inland Sea, securely corked in typical green glass bottle, and let it wash up on some far distant shore as fate, time and tide decreed? (Thinks:- Do inland seas have tides?)

Therefore, thanks to Angie and my clanking cogs, I give you:-

Larks and Owls

The Larks and Owls would never meet,
should each to his own rhythm keep.
Larks, who wake a break of dawn,
long before it's midnight, Y..A..W..N.
But Owls, who choose to lie abed
until the sun its beams have shed,
at dark, revive to full alert;
they're lively, witty, brisk and pert.
Then, night-time Owls come out to play,
while morning Larks all hide away
beneath their duvets, sound asleep,
as Owls their nightly vigil keep.

Bon Voyage, little green bottle... may you have a safe journey to those distant realms. And if you happen upon it yourself, Oh! Unknown Castaway, please reseal it after reading, and return to the deeps. Who knows where it may land next?


  1. oh what a lovely saying Jinsky and the resultant poem is lovely!

  2. Interesting saying and resultant poem. In each of our cultures, be it another country, or as my case living in various parts of USA, the derivation of any idiom itself raises curiousity.

    For years my Mother who moved from Kansas to Texas as a small girl, would admonish me as a child to mind my p's and q's. It seemed to be a warning not to continue along certain path of behavior or I might suffer some unforeseen disaster, probably unpleasant discipline.

    Sometime ago my curiosity led me to research it, only to find it was a phrase without a definitive source, but certainly a variety of analogies. http://ask.yahoo.com/20031127.html.

    In US it seems to be accepted as "pints" and "quarts" as related to drinking beer or ale, and perhaps came to this country from England. That would make the phrase in US over 200 years old! In that case I bet you've heard it,too.

    Have lovely day. I have relatives visiting that have not been here in a very long time. At our age, we never know if we will visit again so we are all trying to make good memories.

  3. I wish I could participate on a more literary level, but on a level of pure enjoyment I thought it was beautiful and peaceful.

    I hope you'll write more and send more of your lovely bottles bobbing forth!

  4. Well done as usual. I have always been an owl but seem to be transforming into larkishness. That's probably going too far, but some sort of change seems to be going on.

  5. I hit me on the head, that's where. Just as I was surfacing from my owlish night, thinking no thoughts, intending no intents. Oow, I'm not awake yet.

  6. It couldn't have been my green bottle Friko - I may have said 'cast', but that didn't mean I hurled it, all haphazard - I waded in the sea and let it gently float from my hands. Maybe another Castaway lobbed it at you? x

  7. Visiting from Leslie's place and just wondered if your last name is Jinks.....Mine is and it's not common here.

  8. How delighted I am to have come across the bobbing bottle without enduring a storm of Internet ferociousness. I too feel 'lively, witty, brisk and pert' now that I have overcome the sea of Internet interference which has been plaguing me. Another quite wonderful verse, jinksy.

    Now I am casting off to catch up with posts I missed whilst battling the storm.

  9. Little green bottle has washed up here in the Yorkshire Dales Jinksy - I am not sure whether I am a lark or an owl - sometimes nowadays old age makes me feel I don't ever want to get out of bed at all. Nice poem.

  10. Love it!!! Thanks for casting your bottle upon the blogland sea. And, yes, I believe that inland seas do have tides; gravitational pull of the moon and all that stuff.

  11. Jinksy girl, you done good. Real good! :)

  12. So glad to be found, and what lovely writing you have! It's all poetic, the ease and flow, can't wait to read more! :)

  13. Beautiful and yay Angie for spurring you on!

  14. Larks under duvets. I love it.

  15. I am an owl and will remain one. I am too old to change but I do know many larks who are lovely but go to bed way to early to suit me. Be glad you do have friends to spur you on like that. You are lucky to have her.

  16. Your bottle managed to survive the atlantic ocean and washed up on the shores of County Clare, Ireland. It contained a lovely poem about me (owl) and those I seldom see (larks). What a lark, Jinksy! I placed it in the Irish Sea so it's off to the UK now.

  17. Jumping on the bandwagon .. is that a bad thing? Sometimes I gain inspiration from reading someone's blog and I'll go write one of my own triggered by something they've said. I don't copy, though, it's just that my thoughts are nudged in a particular direction.

    Good luck with your little bottle! :)

    I'm an owl, by the way. Though sometimes I am awake with the lark, it's a very, very sleepy and unproductive owl that blinks in the sunlight! LOL!


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