Sunday, 26 July 2009

Live And Learn

That's what it's all about, no matter which area of life you care to mention. Thanks to Gumbo Writer's interview with Harvey Stanbrough this week, I have discovered a great source for more learning. At one point in this interview, if you've not read it, Mr H. kindly offered to send a PDF file to those interested in the art of writing.

As a result of my being bold enough to request a copy in an email, I've had an ongoing, behind the scenes conversation with the gentleman since then. Thanks to a chance remark of his, I had the perfect nudge to write the following lines:-

Oh, To Be An Open Book!

If I were published in a book,
however would I breathe?
While people flipped my pages,
I might get a reprieve;

for as they turned a leaf or two
I'd inhale with all my might.
This hasty chest expansion
might last me through the night.

By counting all my many lines,
they'd maybe guess my age...
I know, if they erased a few,
I'd not be in a rage!

As The Weaver of Grass is currently asking for people to talk about their sources of inspiration, I thought this would tie in very nicely with her idea. I nominate 'The Chance Remark' as an ideal starting point for prose or poem. Why not go and visit her, and find out more about her cunning plan to get everyone writing? She does some exceedingly worthwhile posts herself, on the pen pushing front!

I'd also like to say a big thank you to the people who have become followers over the past few days... though some of you haven't left me a clue as to how I may return the favour. Nevertheless, you have caused Blogger to count to 100 on his less than perfect fingers; I noticed yesterday, you see, that he managed to make the total 101, but this morning, although I spotted yet another new face in the picture parade, he only makes it total 100. Either people are deserting me in disgust, or Blogger still hasn't mastered the art of arithmetic.

So, speak to me, newcomers - you'll find my bark is far worse than my bite...


  1. And so it goes, this open book of life. Reminds me of the Oliver Wendell Holmes passages. Very interesting approach here, Jinksy :) Off to see those other links of which you speak of....

  2. Ahh.. this errant Blogger, it does lack mastery in arithmetic. It sometimes plays hide and seek with my list of blogs I follow, so the 100-101-100 might be an error.
    The H.S. interview was very good, thank you for pointing your readers to it.

  3. Don't you believe it, bloggers. Her bite is much worse than her bark....

  4. I've self-published and it's proved a good move. Whenever I do my Performance Poet bit I usually sell a book or two. If one person buys others usually follow. My book of Melodramas is selling less well but then that's an acquired taste.

  5. You're probably well past 100 as some of us follow by our own means. We got into our own methods and habits when Blogger didn't offer this cute, little alternative.

  6. I've been rediscovering blogging and bloggers, and so I've been following this blog on and off (with many others) via my RSS reader. So I don't think I'm included in that "100" figure.

    I've found that inspiration for ideas can come from many sources, and I'll take them all. :-) Inspiration for writing, though, comes from the heart, because that's where the passion is. I've found it easy to write great stuff about my passions, and nigh impossible to write about that which I find boring.


  7. Oh, that's true, I "was" follower 101 today I'm 100...wish my age would back up like that!

    No favors are needed Jinksy, other than an occasional bark back! :)

    Very impressive poem!

  8. Mr RWP - when have I bitten you and left teeth marks, pray?

    And Wanda, you can be any age you want, in my little corner of Blogland...Take your pick. :)

  9. Not a newcomer, but happy Sunday my friend.

  10. So glad you found inspiration via the interview! Love your words and attitude. THAT is inspiring to me. :)

    PS Blogger must be tinkering with the Follow widget thingy. I have only been able to see that function a few spotty times in the last three days.

  11. Wow! Jinksy, we are very proud of our hometown boy. Harvey was seasoned in New Mexico and lives in Arizona. He is great, isn't he? I'm a huge fan of his and yours.

  12. There is an award for you on my blog if you would like it.

  13. Weaver - I'm drying off the rain splashes even as I type!

  14. For the past six months, I've seen my list of followers go up by one or two and then decrease by four or five, then back up by one or two and ....!!

  15. Since I already have trouble breathing I will stay away from writing a book.
    Interesting poem.

  16. Hi Jinksy. The inspiration question is an interesting one and the chance comment certainly ranks high on the list of answers. Everything in my TLS project could be considered a chance comment. Thanks for your response one.

  17. aaah, with all things computer, there are little snags...

    you mentioned some interesting sites here, lemme go check them out now.

  18. Hi Jinsky,
    My first visit to your lovely assured not the last.
    I love the way you play with words..and your matter of fact writing just gets to me.
    Am new to the blogging scene, so would love support from veterans such as yourself.

  19. Zeenat - I guess I'll forgive you the 'Veteran'remark (!), but only just! Watch it, Blogpal, or my bark and bite may change places!!!

  20. Hello Jinksy,

    I've just registered myself as a follower, following instructions. I must admit that I came across you months ago and have seen your sage comments on several of my other friends blogs but for some inexplicable reason I didn't 'latch on' to you. But I'm here now. Can you forgive me?

    Despite the fact that you choose to keep your awards hidden away, I'm glad that you've graciously accepted that passed on by Weaver.

  21. Derrick - I don't know about sage comments?! That makes me sound like a herb garden! But hello, anyway. :)

  22. Congrats on the following...and do you have a bark? :)

  23. So glad you struck up a conversation with that man:)
    ANd I know why you have so many followers--you write wonderfully and are a kind person!

  24. As always one more extremely intelligent and interesting post Jinksy! XX

  25. hey jinksi, you asked about the order of words... that's how i think, and believe it or not, i do speak this way too at times... also, i don't think it flows as well swopped around.

  26. A lovely post Jinksy. You very much deserve your followers. You not only write lovely posts but as a follower I can always be assured of lovely comments from you too.

  27. Blogger is a fickle friend... I have the same shifts in my numbers!

    And I love the poem. However you order your words you're clearly doing it right : )

  28. I love your little poem, it’s so smart. My inspiration comes at odd moments, like when I am brushing my teeth – then I have to run to the computer, foaming at the mouth, so I can jot it down before I forget it!


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