Sunday, 30 August 2009

Haiku For Today

The view through my patio doors today is summed up in this Autumn Haiku - short and to the point.

Winds toss brown seed heads
on tall buddleia branches,
butterflies long gone.

Longer poetic offerings will resume once the muse returns - or possibly, after I receive a kickstart from anybody inclined to sort my ignition, which has apparently got damp recently... splutter, splutter, splutter...

P.S. Perhaps I should point out, this last refers to me - not a car! I don't have one of those...


  1. jinksy - you know the flow returns on a whim, it knows nothing of time. it's just there, all of a sudden. in your eyes, your fingers, and then out. birthed!!!

  2. Hello 'cross the pond,
    still hotter than hades here.
    Meet in the middle?


  3. Jinksy, I think the muse is over my place. I'll send her along, anon. Do hope you're feeling better, yes?

  4. Ah, ah! You're back, and in great form.

  5. It's becoming that way here too! Autumn and slow starting!

  6. by all means, have a break, but keep it short.
    I've missed you, are you well?

    Haikus of the above calibre will do for a bit, for a bit only, mind you.

  7. Oh and you started so well....these words are lovely. Missing you and was glad to see you back....Have a wonderful day.....:-) Hugs

  8. I suspect the muse is never gone....
    I find your poetry wonderful.
    Write on, my friend!!!

  9. No car? Bravo! I don't have one either, (though Mr. B does, so I do cheat from time to time).

    About your muse: I don't believe she's gone. If you so much as wrote one word, say, "sneeze," I do believe I'd find some extraordinary meaning!

    But if your muse needs a kickstart, may I suggest you go back and read your delightful body of work!


  10. I'm glad to see you even sans muse. Often she creeps in the back door while you're looking for her out the front.

  11. The Haiku shows there's life lurking where it matters most. I guess all you need is a squirt or two of W.D.!

  12. Hello Jinksy,

    I saw a butterfly yesterday (cabbage white) and was quite amazed! The weather is changing, autumn is on the doorstep, so I'm sure you'll find lots more inspiration soon.

    P.S. the word verificatio is 'slysparc'. That's all you need!

  13. aaaah, give autumn a chance to sneak through your soul, poetry will flow soon.....

  14. I get like that sometimes Jinksy - what you need is inspiration in some form or the other - or as someone above says -a good squirt of WD40 - or maybe a de-coke.

  15. I like your haiku.

    I still have blooms on the buddleia, and a few butterflies, too. However, it's unseasonably cool here. Only 66 degrees at 9 a.m., when usually it would be in almost 80. I'm not complaining, though. I was able to work outside nearly all day yesterday.

  16. You're good in the sputtering stage, even :)))

  17. Well, most "splutter" is fixed easily enough with a good tune-up. I assume you have a good mechanic, and you'll be racing around the track soon enough! Treat yourself to some of the expensive petrol, and perhaps have your spark plugs changed :-)

  18. Well Jinsky just get started by writing a line – just a little line, then the next will come soon. Here is a little poem by Martha Collins, called “Lines”
    Draw a line. Write a line. There.
    Stay in line, hold the line, a glance
    between the lines is fine but don't
    turn corners, cross, cut in, go over
    or out, between two points of no
    return's a line of flight, between
    two points of view's a line of vision.
    But a line of thought is rarely
    straight, an open line's no party
    line, however fine your point.
    A line of fire communicates, but drop
    your weapons and drop your line,
    consider the shortest distance from x
    to y, let x be me, let y be you.

    "Lines" by Martha Collins, from Some Things Words Can Do.

  19. Isn't it nice to think that the butterflies will return? Splutter, splutter, I know how you feel...

  20. I love that haiku, so evocative of Autumn. I hope your muse returns and I'm sure it will. Can't keep a good muse down!

  21. I know what you mean - autumn is certainly and suddenly upon us here in the NW

  22. We still have butterflies here, but not for long. It would seem that they and I made it through another long, hot summer in Arizona.


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