Sunday, 5 December 2010

Not A Good NIght., No...

I wish I could tell you, as bedtime approaches tonight, that I would be donning a luscious creation like this before retiring to my boudoir. Sadly, not.
At present, I own five articles of nightwear, all of which resemble glorified T-shirts - only longer. Nothing wrong with that. No.

But, can any Blogger explain to me why I am having to exist with only two? One on, one in the wash....WHERE ARE THE OTHER THREE HIDING? Are they huddling together for warmth in some dark drawer or cupboard? Have they turned into an Invisibility Cloak, like Harry Potter's? And let's face it, it would have taken an army of Borrowers to have purloined ONE garment, let alone three...

Why can't I find them?

I shall be eternally grateful if anybody can come up with an unusual suggestion as to where they may be hiding, or how I might set about tracking them down... Even better, if you can do it in rhyme! 

A Quandary

My nighties have got flighty
they've been and fled the coop
I cannot find 'em anywhere -
Am I a nincompoop?

Okay, I'll answer that one straight away - Yep!


  1. Jinksy:

    There's a secret place to where
    (in you I will confide)
    single parts of pairs of socks
    flee or maybe even hide
    Perhaps your nighties have flown the coup
    And gone the same route ...
    to sock heaven to reside.

  2. Our good 0'pal Jinksy's in a jam.
    She can't find some of her jammies.
    Most probably they're on the lam.
    How will she now count the lam'ies?

  3. t shirts are for daytime
    lingerie for night
    the missing clothes
    have fled your home
    to set your nightwear right!

  4. This reminds me of my phone that I found underneath a stack of towels in the linen closet.
    Um, try looking there. (You never know) :-)

  5. I find socks stuck in works of my dryer,
    And bigger stuff balled up in a half-dried sheet;
    Beyond that, well, we’re now down to the wire,
    Did you . . . ah, to ask that wouldn’t be discreet . . .

  6. Tis a solution much older than dirt
    When in the habit of losing night shirts
    One must look under the bed
    Or 'neath the pillow instead
    He discarded it there, ye ole flirt.

  7. I know you will have found them ...
    ... Those t-shirts gone astray ...
    'Cause by the time
    you read you read this rhyme
    It will again be day.

  8. Sorry..."you read" went down twice ...
    It's been a long day ...

  9. I don't know, but if you come across a stray pj top when you're looking ...

  10. When wardrobes consume,
    they loom
    large over the dark hole,
    a world, whole.
    You might be dismayed
    to find nightwear mislaid,
    but someone has got it,
    and perhaps they thought it
    wouldn't be wrong
    because it's not really gone,
    merely carried deeper
    than the usual seeker
    will usually go,
    through the mountains of snow
    that we don't believe
    or even conceive
    may lie beyond the catch,
    keyed to socks that mismatch.


  11. When you do your washing,
    things edged with pretty lace,
    hankies, socks and underpants
    hide inside the pillow-case!

    And sometimes in the summer time
    when you hang things out to dry
    ladies find their T shirts, bras and pants
    get nicked by passers-by.(*)

    (*) Euphemism. I mean perverts, of course. (I'll bring you your T-shirts back if you ask me nicely HEHEHE!)

  12. I've finally decided to donate the clothing I've worn for the past 20 years. Finally fed up and sorting them out, I've found missing articles of clothing, and old nightie, and the odd sock and stocking. Maybe your nighties are hiding in a similar fashion!

  13. Jinksy, I hope you don't think it too rude
    If I just suggest you just sleep in the nude!

  14. Jim-jams are the answer. definitely.

  15. I say,

    Usually it's sox
    That go into a black hole,
    Perhaps it is a fox
    Got your nighties, or a mole
    Who's snuggling in a coop,
    Or dragged them underground,
    Oh where, oh where I ask you;
    Can Jinsky's slinky-stuff be found?

    Does a Tom-cat have them tucked
    Outside in a dingy alley
    Is a not-too-fussy chef
    Mopping with them in his galley?

    There's a question she must answer
    'Fore we crack this mystery;
    Does Jinksy keep a mutt
    With a klepto-history?


  16. have you tried the kitchen????i've found many a lichen while sleepwalking on an empty constitution

  17. I guess it's quite a quandry
    As to who has stole your laundry,
    But a little word of caution -
    I'm told they're in an auction..
    Word is (so I am led to understand)
    Certain Gentlemen love this contraband,
    And should you care to look on Ebay,
    You might solve the mystery.

  18. The people from the bureau took them.


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