Tuesday, 7 December 2010

But A Lovely Morning!

Lost is found! Blogland people one and all, I do believe your mammoth efforts at writing all those lovely replies to my plea yesterday, shamed the 'let's hide Jinksy's nightie' gremlins into submission.

After donning my deep lilac (shorter-than-the-others-therefore-not-as-snug) nightie yesterday, I was on the point of climbing into bed, when my inner voice said "Go, now! Look in the airing cupboard for one more time!"I have learned the wisdom of obeying this voice, without question, as it invariably knows best.

The lowest slats in the cupboard are home to socks, pants and bras, with an occasional pillowcase or duvet cover thrown in for good measure, and after removing  and balancing a large heap of the same on the top of the banister rail in front of the cupboard, I peered in, without success.

I'd hardly touched any of the contents of the next shelf up, when a flash of  pale aqua amongst the turquoise sheets greeted me. Lost nightie number one! I'd only just thanked the powers that be for this revelation, when lo, and behold! A pale blue version of the same garment winked at me. This was SO exciting! Within a moment  or two, a tell tale primrose hem peeked at me from the stack of hand towels, and my mission was complete! I swear, I'd already rummaged among those self same contents three or four times, when my nighties first became conspicuous by their absence, but without success.

The only difference last night, was that I had the delightful comments (full of fun and implied good wishes) of all my Blogland buddies, willing me to try, try, try again...And they worked! How can I ever thank you all enough - or will it be a case of "Don't applaud, just throw money?"


  1. Jinksy,

    I promise my comment had been intended only as a suggestion and not a threat.

  2. Glad to hear the recalcitrant members of your wardrobe have reappeared. Naughty nighties! I didn't add my ha'porth - after reading all the other advice I decided mine wasn't worthy ;-)

  3. Here's to helpful inner voices! So glad that your nightie nightmare is over. I didn't contribute a verse yesterday. What popped into my head was too surreal to be of any material assistance to you in the search for your missing sleepware .

    Keep snug.

  4. Oh what joy to find the darling article that keeps the nether regions that little spot warmer in this icy cold weather!! So glad!

  5. Well, well, Jinksy, this post makes me wonder what I have been missing!

  6. Do you think this technique might work for my nail scissors. They are neat, dainty ones which I have had for twenty years and some gremlin removed them from their little space a fortnight ago. In desperation the farmer has bought me a new pair - I will swear they are designed to cut branches on trees! I shall go and evoke these gods after tea and see it it has any effect. What I want to know is did you wear all three at once? If the night was anything as cold as it was here you may well have done - the farmer has been out and bought an electric blanket today!!!

  7. Read another blog dealing with mislaid items this morning. Must be catching.

  8. Was it a static cling issue? Is that what hid the nighties?

    I once lost a rather substantial amount of cash in my house, money I had squirreled away for a vacation. Unfortunately, all I could remember about the last time I had added to it was being just a little drunk and thinking, No one will ever find it here...

    I tore the house up, of course, and did not find it -- until a year later, when I found it in the very first place I looked for it...

    Still confuses me.


  9. Dear Jinksy,
    glad you found your nighties again! In Germany we call it "The perfidy of the object": the egg-timer e.g. seems to wait till I am as far away as possible, then it cries out shrilly and seems to laugh when I have to run... One nightie hidden could have been by chance, but three? "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, (and in the cupboard, dear) Than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

  10. I am going to look in my airing cupboard right now for a cheese sandwich I lost in 1997 and have been hankering after ever since.

  11. Funny you should mention that Fran - what do you think I found on the top shelf of my airing cupboard yesterday?!! Would you like me to post it to you, or will you wait for Father Christmas to put it in your stocking?

  12. I think I'll wait until it's in my stocking, thanks. Another couple of weeks should make sure it's nice and ripe. It'll go with my port and Stilton.

  13. In another couple of weeks, it may be strong enough to walk to you under its own steam...

  14. The times this has happened to me and these items seem to appear like magic even though I could have sworn that I'd looked and searched thoroughly!
    Glad you got all your nighties back! It is perishing here I am going to bed in pyjamas, socks and a cardi! At least I don't have to wear a hat now! Always a blessing hiding in any situation somewhere. Sometimes as elusive as the nighties!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  15. Brilliant! And you must have provided inspiration to me, too, as, in cleaning out a closet preparatory to packing up our house for renovation (yech!), I found a long lost plastic container for storing food. Well, you may ask, don't you have dozens?? Yes, we do, I reply, but on this one, the lid fits properly!

  16. What's all this stuff
    and nonsense
    of lost nighties
    and the like
    The milkman told me
    very quietly
    that he sees you
    starkers every night

  17. Oh yes - if all else fails then delve deeper into the airing cupboard. That is the answer here to most missing items.

  18. pearl, my father was rumored to have stassed 500,000 dollars in an heater vent, but after he died noone found it, but it would have gone to the step mother with all the rest of his loot<><><>what i want to know is how the inheritance of the son is always forgotten in these cases

  19. Oh I think they were having a closeted rendezvous. In a few months, watch for brand new baby doll nighties.


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