Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Old Hat

Just for SmitoniusAndSonata, here is the picture I took in 2009 of small granddaughter with large hat and red eyes, because I failed to use the correct camera setting!

In a comment yesterday,  S&S asked what colour the original object was, though this has absolutely no bearing on the end result after I played with it using Arcsoft magic.

It just so happened, that when 'The Cockerel' appeared before my eyes,  I chose to save it, and it was mere chance that the orangey reds, greens and golds were not a million miles remove from the original colour range of the Easter bonnet.

 However, I now have on file a selection of other variations, ranging through blues, greens and pinks, one of which I shall now insert for all pink lovers amongst you. The permutations of colour and form when using the program are virtually limitless, and the end user has only to decide when 'enough is enough', in order to produce a stunning result.


  1. We get red eyes all of the time with the little compact. I sometimes remove them later with software.

  2. That's the definitive Easter bonnet . She looks very pretty in it !

  3. Dear Jinksy,
    a lovely granddaughter, a beauti- and colourful hat - and ravishing pink!

  4. I would hang that final picture on my wall any day Jinksy! Also love the hat on the grand daughter.

  5. Pretty granddaughter, pretty hat -- pretty impressive work with the software! I love the 'cockerel' from your earlier post. Appropriately named, perhaps, since there appear to be little chicks on top of her hat.

  6. *giggles* you sure are having fun with that programme!!!

  7. Lovely hat on a lovely granddaughter!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. Granddaughter in hat picture is stunning :O)


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