Thursday, 7 April 2011

Thanks Be To Edward Lear

You may have guessed I'm partial to a little Lear Lunacy. Wandering around Blogland this week, I happen upon this lovely illustration of his, thanks to Grandma's Goulash. She had set folks the task of coming up with a caption of sorts, expressed in exactly 140 characters.  Now, I like such challenges, so yesterday I played with some ideas on this handy Character Counter, which takes all the stress out of the exercise. After one or two abortive attempts, I finally made my words tally.
 Confucius he say, "Squalling cat and shrieking woman equal madness for man caught between. Remember, silent tongue worth more than rubies!"

I often feel as old as Confucius, though less wise, and this morning was no exception. I started the day in a happy way, by going to say "What have I got, Doctor?" to my favourite medic - the one who sorted my BPPV - or benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, to give it its full name. Today I had more oddness to show him. Blotches. Not spots. Hot, red blotches, mostly on the front of my shins.  And what was his diagnosis? Dry skin! And his remedy? Six printed A4 size sheets of information about Atopic Eczema, some anti-histamine pills, and a huge carton of Dermol cream. This can be used as a soap substitute in the shower, as well as a daytime moisturiser. I may be about to turn into a very slippery character - or at least, body! Snorts and giggles as I 'slip' away to apply the first lot...


  1. From Blogspot to Blotchspot! Hope the cream helps.

  2. Its the weather and all the clothes we are forced to wear in this miserable climate of ours. (discounting yesterday and today of course)

  3. Love Edward Lear.
    The skin irritation is not funny though. Hope the treatment releaves it.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. I hope you don't slide out of bed. Tuck the covers in well just in case.

  5. Sorry that you had difficulty finding the Succinctly Yours linky. I post most days, so it tends to get pushed down the page a bit. At any rate, I've added your link to it. I'm working on a top menu bar for my blog, so hopefully by next week, you'll be able to just click a button at the top of the blog and be taken to Succinctly Yours.

    Got a fine smile from your post. Thanks for joining in. Hope your skin cream helps the irritation.

  6. I have to say Jinksy, your sense of humour prevails in the most trying circumstances! I have positional vertigo too - not nice when turning over in bed!!


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