Monday, 5 May 2014

Bank Holiday Monday

That doesn't sound half as romantic as May Day, does it?  The first of the month used to be our traditional day for a holiday, but eventually powers that be decreed it had to be forced to fit a Monday mould, regardless, thus the first Monday in May took on a new persona.

But in the spirit of ancient traditions, if not by date, here's a picture of a birthday card I've kept for many years, because of its special 'vibes' which I hope will bring a spring to your step, if not Spring to your local environs!


  1. Magical, Jinksy. Happy May to you.

    1. Magical it is, for it has that incredible metallic sheen that changes colour as the light hits it at different angles...beautiful! :-)

  2. Ah, well we can't have anything so Pagan in a christian country can we? I'm just glad that they haven't done away with it altogether. There are those who say there are too many holidays at this time of the year and want to get rid of May Day.

    Blessed Beltane to you.

  3. I may dispute the ‘Christian’ country – I think we may now be outnumbered...

    The word ‘Pagan’ has acquired dubious overtones, where actually, it only referred to a ‘country dweller’, originally. How do I know this? I met one in charge of an 11/11 meditation workshop. He started the day by welcoming everyone, then held up a large, black book, and said ‘I’m a Pagan. I’ll begin by reading something from this’. Then he laughed and added, into the stunned silence of the room, ‘ How many of you are expecting me to recite a black mass? Wrong. It’s a old dictionary, and I’m going to read you the definition of the word ‘pagan’.
    So there you go – a lover of nature, and one who lives close to its laws in the countryside.

    He was an imposing figure in long, white robes, with long white/grey curly hair atop a jolly face which would have done credit to Pan himself. Fantastic chap, as soon became apparent as the day went on. It was an experience I wouldn’t have missed for the world. We meditated at 11 am and 11 pm, and spent the day between ‘sharing’ – in games, ‘happenings’ and simply ‘being’, for want of a better way to describe it.

    Blessings yourself – Beltane or any when else included, as necessary. LOL


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