Saturday, 3 May 2014

Inside Out

Or perhaps that should be inside looking out, because four years ago, this was the view I had as I sat here before the gaping hole which was, and would be, patio doors.
And why blog about it today?
Well, last time I was wandering down my reading list path to pop in an out of other Bloglanders' worlds, one lovely lady gardener had a snapshot of a plaque which said 'Leave room for fairies .'  Sadly, my abysmal ability for name recall, means I can't at this precise moment say who she is, but it might come to me later.

Anyhow, I thought I could guarantee a promise to do exactly that, and started to hunt through files, to prove it... But I became disillusioned when I came across this image. Which self-respecting fairy would chose to set up home in such a rain-splattered wilderness? None.

That's why I had some squatters!

This Mummy fairy and her offspring roosted high on a shelf, well out of the reach of inquisitive fingers and guarded by two fearsome Chinese Dragons who happened to be circling nearby...

 A  diminutive cousin chose to hide herself away amongst some fairy foliage on the opposite side of the room, while a couple of Woodland Sprite Tree People danced on top of my bookcase in admiration...
The workman soon had my garden back to rights, but for some reason the fairy folk you see here decided to stay with me on this side of the new double glazing.

From here, safe and warm, they may gaze at the often wet and windswept playground which awaits them, should they decide to escape, any time I slide open the patio door. Do you think they ever will?


  1. Your little garden looks fairly inviting even though maybe not fairy inviting.

  2. Fairies are pretty independent creatures - come and go as they please. We can't always tell which sort of garden they'll grace and it isn't always the one full of roses and bluebells. I think that fairies probably like a good hidey-hole now and again.

  3. Nice to hear from you again Jinksy. Those fairies will not escape if they have any sense - they look well settled to me.

  4. There ARE fairies at the bottom of your garden. I am quite sure of it. They are outdoor fairies, never to be seen by you unless you are very good. And even then only when you promise never to tell anyone about them.


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