Friday, 9 May 2014


A Plane Tree's Beauty

Dappled shadows waiver on bricks-
muted red-brown, dust covered-
beneath the plane tree's canopy
of rustling, summer's-end leaves.

In blocks of cool grey, shading to umber,
the bark flaunts a rich, textured surface,
while one bright spot of gamboge
draws the attention like a beacon.

Specks of eau-de-nil moss, or fungus,
are embroidered in a sparse pattern
down one side. They lift the colour palette
into another dimension, alien to the tree,

whose branches spread a benison of calm
over all below. The day's breath
slows at the approach of dusk, until
a sudden crescendo sends a few dry leaves

spiraling to earth, where they scutter
over the cobbles, rasping, brittle, whispering,
as they scurry across the road's surface
in a wind-whirled dance of Autumn.

Looking through folders on my computer just now,  I thought this picture and poem should be in partnership, even though they are nothing to do with Spring. The same tree which inspired both, is now dressed in a new gown to greet another year. I stood admiring it, last time I walked to the shops, and it's as beautiful as ever

And now I'm linking it to Imaginary  Garden - long after its first appearance!  Hope some people enjoy it anyway...


  1. Lovely! I greatly enjoy the textures/colors of tree bark, and your poem is, as usual, unique and wonderful.

  2. nature has the most amazing palette and you can look at a tree or rock one day and it will be completely different the next.....nice poem jinksy

  3. Beautiful description, Jinksy.

  4. I love the art that nature prepares for us to enjoy each season (and even mid season). I too have a love for bark and the collage of colors. This was such a beautiful pairing

  5. I have always found great beauty in the textures of bark.. your poem reflects that beauty so well.

  6. what a lovely description...

  7. I love your line breaks!

  8. I admire the colour palette in your words ~ Spring is upon us though so all I can think of is green & more green ~

    Wishing you happy spring week ~ Grace

  9. I had to google "gamboge"...I like it when I get to learn a new word! And I agree...I think you poem and photo are a match!

  10. Beautiful words Jinksy - Oh how I love trees and so it is I could only love your words.
    Anna :o]

  11. Nature is a fantastic creatrix of art and fashion. I love how you describe this tree's attire, the way its looks interact with everything around it, how color and texture and shapes bring so much delight.

    This is beautiful.

  12. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous write!💜

  13. Beautiful and evocative. Trees are people to me. In fact, I like trees more than most humans. LOL! They're amazing muses. xo

  14. Ah, I loved the colors in this; they create a kaleidoscope of imagery. There's a certain beauty and calmness to your words, which is endearing. :-)

  15. Love this read .... and so nice to see comments from old friends on poetry... the bark is such a wonderful source of contrasts.

  16. So are you Penny or Jinksy? The contrasts of the colors here - a beautiful description.

  17. I am glad you paired them together Jinksy. A beautiful match indeed. I love the look of your blog to. Lovely!!

  18. Beautiful how nature keeps inspiring in every season...

  19. Every nick, scab, and growth has a story if only the tree could tell. So you've done a good job telling for it, Jinksy.

  20. I love trees and I love your poem and photograph, especially the painting of colours on your poetic palette and the way I can feel, if I close my eyes, the trunk, the moss... gorgeous!

  21. Reminds me of the "Knitter's Color Walk" I posted in March. Winter landscape colors are as interesting as spring flower colors, if we pay attention...


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