Friday, 9 May 2014


A Plane Tree's Beauty

Dappled shadows waiver on bricks-
muted red-brown, dust covered-
beneath the plane tree's canopy
of rustling, summer's-end leaves.

In blocks of cool grey, shading to umber,
the bark flaunts a rich, textured surface,
while one bright spot of gamboge
draws the attention like a beacon.

Specks of eau-de-nil moss, or fungus,
are embroidered in a sparse pattern
down one side. They lift the colour palette
into another dimension, alien to the tree,

whose branches spread a benison of calm
over all below. The day's breath
slows at the approach of dusk, until
a sudden crescendo sends a few dry leaves

spiraling to earth, where they scutter
over the cobbles, rasping, brittle, whispering,
as they scurry across the road's surface
in a wind-whirled dance of Autumn.

Looking through folders on my computer just now,  I thought this picture and poem should be in partnership, even though they are nothing to do with Spring. The same tree which inspired both, is now dressed in a new gown to greet another year. I stood admiring it, last time I walked to the shops, and it's as beautiful as ever


  1. Lovely! I greatly enjoy the textures/colors of tree bark, and your poem is, as usual, unique and wonderful.

  2. nature has the most amazing palette and you can look at a tree or rock one day and it will be completely different the next.....nice poem jinksy

  3. Beautiful description, Jinksy.

  4. I love the art that nature prepares for us to enjoy each season (and even mid season). I too have a love for bark and the collage of colors. This was such a beautiful pairing

  5. I have always found great beauty in the textures of bark.. your poem reflects that beauty so well.

  6. what a lovely description...

  7. I love your line breaks!

  8. I admire the colour palette in your words ~ Spring is upon us though so all I can think of is green & more green ~

    Wishing you happy spring week ~ Grace

  9. I had to google "gamboge"...I like it when I get to learn a new word! And I agree...I think you poem and photo are a match!

  10. Beautiful words Jinksy - Oh how I love trees and so it is I could only love your words.
    Anna :o]


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