Monday, 10 August 2009

In Pensive Mood

It's not often I decide for sure what I will write about next. I prefer 'following my nose', or my intuition - or do I mean inspiration? This morning is no different. Although childhood games would have been the logical follow on from the previous post, that was not the subject that fought its way to the surface of my mind, once I sat before the screen. Instead, I had to let loose an idea which had been triggered by an email I received a couple of days back, in reply to a comment I'd left on Kathleen's blog.

I had a hovering image in my head of birds migrating, and it wouldn't let me be. The thought of a trigger mechanism which dictated when they would begin, and where these epic journeys would lead, made me think how similar my plight was, as I set my mind free to fly through the realms of inspiration. I never know where it will alight, or what the outcome will be. I have to simply trust the flight will end somewhere, and give a positive result.

You begin to see the similarities? When birds, or butterflies, come to that, brave the elements to fly untold miles across the face of the Earth, what assurance do they have that their efforts will have been worthwhile? None at all. But could they ignore the inner, overwhelming desire to find out? I think not.

This, then, is the result of my latest foray into the land of poetry. It's another of those 'works in progress', I suppose, so bear with me if it's a little rough round the edges. It needed to hatch from its egg today.

Fly Away

Birds collecting for migration;
they'll be off soon to find the sun.
I follow, in imagination,
travelling with them. We are one.

Each body fuelled by inborn urge;
'Up, away, come fly, come fly!'
From the first day they emerge,
this silent voice they can't deny.

It drives them; gives them strength to fight
against the wind's capricious play,
mile after mile in ceaseless flight
they'll valiantly pursue their way.

Could they choose, would they ignore
this inner, overwhelming force;
adapt, and face what lay in store,
as seasons follow their set course?


  1. they know when to stay and when to go. and when it's time, they just do it. a life lesson in that for sure. nice poem!!!

  2. hi jinksy, it's not hard to ignore the call of creative expression, but why would you?!!! i love that you followed your intuitive and instinctive nose in order to write this poem - which clearly needed to be written! have a peaceful day, steven

  3. Ah, Jinksy, I am pleased to say I have enjoyed a lovely languishing catch-up here with your life and your blog... Sorry to hear about the diabetes diagnosis, but when they get the treatments right, I hope you will feel much better...

    I love it that you've ventured further in to tell us about your love of language, and I do think German, tho' it can sound pretty gutteral and 'hard,' is a wonderfully poetic language... We must have done practically the same course of study, la Jinks - I hadn't realised that you were a French and German scholar. I hadn't known that French poet before now, so thank you for introducing him to me... Take good care of yourself sweet Jinks! Fhi x

  4. I lov ehow you are inspired by something most wouldn't even notice and then it takes form... beautiful as always. I love coming here. I never know what to expect or what little treasure I'll find :)

  5. You are not only poetic but scientifically accurate as well. The "triggering mechanism" is not seasonal temperature change (as I once thought) but the shortening of the hours of daylight. So our feathered friends are literally "off to find the sun" -- not for warmth (well, maybe that too) but for light.

    I like this poem best of all the ones of yours I've read.

  6. Loved your poem, Jinksy. May the muses continue to visit you.

    Did you know that hummingbirds, while traveling the same general migration path, always travel alone? (Never in "flocks") And, individuals sometimes fly for almost 24 hours non-stop when over a large body of water with no place to perch -- or to feed? They are most remarkable creatures.

  7. Jinsky, you write beautiful poems when in a pensive mood, enjoy them.....:-) Hugs

  8. You hatched a very good poem...worthy of flight!

  9. Love this:

    "I follow, in imagination,
    travelling with them. We are one."

    Well, actually I'm rather fond of the entire poem -- and delighted about how our community of bloggers can trigger such musings in each other! Funny how those images simply won't leave us alone at times. Glad you followed your instincts to fly!

    Lovely and pensive.

    Thank you for the shout out, Jinksy!


  10. Hello Jinksy,

    Lovely poem. I wish my inspiration would take flight rather more often. It is far too stationary most of the time!

  11. Super poem Jinksy. Funnily enough, Jim and I were chatting about the birds' migration yesterday. The swallows are gathering on the telephone wires around us. We imagined silly conversations between them. 'Where shall we go this time?' 'The Arctic?' Nooo, too cold. 'Africa then?' 'Sounds good to me', etc. How silly are we?

  12. Just loved your poem Jinksy. Your imagery also inspires me ... and your musings always make me smile -- and maybe just a little bit jealous!

  13. "I follow, in imagination" - I can totally relate to that. I am fascinated with birds and I often watch them as if I were one with them. Krayzee?


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