Friday, 26 February 2010

Drat - it's Friday

It does come around with amazing regularity, and it seems I'm being egged on from all sides to join the manic world of G-Man and produce 55 words of practically anything but wisdom, to entertain my happy band of followers. Once again, I have tried to use a light touch that won't tax anybody's brains at the end of a working week, when all they want to do is get on with their weekend and have a respite from care. Smile, people! You have a whole week before the 55 bug bites again.

Are You Checking Up On Me?

Friday folk come looking
to count my every word.
It keeps them very busy
although it is absurd

to set myself a limit
where verses are concerned;
I may discover I end up
with all my bridges burned!

The count is low?
Add one more row...
The count is high?
"Oh, no!" I sigh.



  1. ha, but you managed perfectly!

  2. Love love LOVE! this----it's so perfect, and so very true. The did good.

  3. teehee...perfectly rendered and right on the money. smiles. fun 55.

    mine is up!

  4. Ha ha ha ... how did you know?
    So well done.


    p.s I do not count others, just so that you know. lol

  5. The worst is when you have to toatally reconfigure your 55 just to not lose meaning when you take out words or phrases. You described it perfectly. This week mine came out at 55 words exactly. Must be meant to be.

    I’m up right HERE

  6. I think that foots the bill, admirably!

  7. You make it look so easy, Jinksy!

  8. Your poetry is priceless : ) At first I was reading it and I was like, "Yeah, we do run around like chickens with our heads cut off on Friday, trying to make sure that everything is done for the week", but then I got thinking that much of it we put on ourselves ... bother, indeed : )

  9. Yes, well said. Absolute precision is always difficult to find. Wish you a very happy weekend.

  10. You captured the process beautifully! I'm Sherry - nice to meet you!

  11. lol lol
    Loved IT!!!
    you've captured it oh so well!!!

    warm smiles for a fabo weekend,

  12. hahaha, you've got it absolutely right, jinksy!

  13. :) one to brighten the day! excellent.

  14. That "bother" is the icing on the cake!

  15. Isn't that the truth. Although I find adding easier than cutting...

    Here's my 55 here

  16. Lots of wit and the numbers fit! :-)

  17. *laughing!*

    *waving at my fellow Piscean!*

  18. I wonder what Shakespeare must have felt while adhering to meter and rhyme & syllables while writing all those long plays!

  19. A 55 by the numbers. It had a numbing effect! It left me numb founded?

    Mine's Up: The Loft

  20. Well, yes, I am checking up on you, but only because you're so much fun to read. Nice job, as always.

  21. ERK!

    You mean people really count these things???

    LOL..I am up too...this was grand, Jinksy.

    Glad I've stopped by-You are marvelous!

  22. Good job, Jinksy. I haven't done the 55 Whatchamacallit yet, seems too difficult to whittle something down to 55.

  23. Honesty rendered so skilfully, disguised in clever verse- I almost ate the bridge before I puzzled first.

    Mine is here.

  24. Yes indeedy people count these...
    Thats part of the creative fun!
    Excellent 55 Jinksy...
    You played Perfectly today!
    Thank so so much for visiting othersw as well.
    You Rock....Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  25. count is in and you did great. love this. Sarah

  26. Your amazing jinsky, this is brilliant...:-)

  27. Clever you. A 55 about a 55.

  28. You're good. Yes, I checked, too: 55 words.


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