Friday, 12 February 2010

A Turn For The Verse?

As it's Friday, here's one in the spirit of Flash 55, with apologies to G-Man!

A 66 Flash 55

There are many ideas
in Blogland at large;
I knit them together
like Madame Defarge.

There's Wordless on Wednesday:
on Thursday a Theme,
and everyone knows
when Flash Friday has been.

On Sunday there's Scribbling;
on Monday the Blues
descend upon Blogland.
But not if you choose

to ignore the day's name
and to write, will nilly -
for people like me
were born to be silly !


  1. Great one jinksy! You are right every day seems to have a theme. Some of them several.

  2. What would the world be without a sprinkling of sillies like Jinksy? And ne'er mind 66 is way over the top of 55! After all, Jinks is way over the top most of the time! Love it, P!

  3. Great rhythm in your poetry!!

    My 55 "I Want No Flowers on My Grave".

    [scroll below my show n tell as always]

    Happy Valentine's Day Weekend!

  4. Haha, you're right. Every blogday has a theme. Clever poem again ;-)

  5. very nice jinksy...yeah i play a few of those. i'd like to think for the people behind them as much as the writing...

  6. Witty indeed, luv! But I dinnae think you're silly at all...that's my gig, heh, heh ;)

  7. Great work. In revealing my limited knowledge of poetry, I appreciate poems with lines that rhyme. In other words "Duh, duh..."

  8. But being silly is what life is all about!

  9. For some unknown reason, every time I see "Wordless Wednesday" I think "Meatless Friday"....

  10. Writing off the cuff is always better than following a theme. Great piece!

    I’m up right HERE

  11. Yes! me too! *grin*

    (and I wish you could put healing hands on my back too - lawd!)

  12. Hah! An honest, acceptable rule breaker! I loved it. Definitely a turn for the verse! :o)

  13. honestly, i've never tried any of them. :)

    another witty poem jinksy.

  14. Interesting Jinksy. Did you know that, according to the etymology of the word "silly", that it originally meant, in Old English "blessed"?

    "The word's considerable sense development moved from "blessed" to "pious," to "innocent" (1200), to "harmless," to "pitiable" (c.1280), to "weak" (c.1300), to "feeble in mind, lacking in reason, foolish" (1576). "

  15. Me, too, Jinksy. Me, too. And I especially like the meaning to 'silly' that Gerry Boyd just pointed out :-)

  16. Suldog - of all people, I'm sure you could share my silly name tag any day, whichever way it's interpreted! Gerry wouldn't mind, I bet.

  17. It's good to have a sense of humour. Some people take it all too seriously.

  18. Yes! Like you, I have the bug!
    See a meme! Do a meme! It's a drug!
    I just can't sweep it under the rug!
    Though other people titter and shrug
    I hope I never pull the plug!

  19. I haven't joined any of the day this or day that yet. I really enjoy reading the Flash 55 posts that appear all over, and so various and all full of talent. You have a particular skill for teaching and encouraging, did you know that?

  20. Oh I love being silly or reading have made my day with this little poem, is is such fun and brings a smile....:-) Hugs

  21. I love it.
    Was just thinking out loud your thoughts!
    I am so happy to read others and hope to write well too.

    (means WISHING YOU PROSPERITY! in Mandarin, Chinese)


  22. Jinksy...
    How can I say anything after last weeks Ode?
    I really loved this 55 My Dear.
    Thank you so much for your brilliant silliness!
    Have a Wonderful Week-End...Galen

  23. I needed you around to lighten the mood during my saga preceeding my wedding with a little verse. We finally get to the alter on Monday.

  24. Goodness, people, spare my blushes!You are all too kind!It may go to my head and cause further madness...

  25. Good rhyme. I'm all for silliness, but fear I must be a big disappointment - I don't (regularly) do any of those things! I suppose I'm a rebel.

  26. I did write NitWit1 her little rhyme:-

    Fore better or verse?
    Almost like a marriage-
    these words spring to mind
    like a horse with no carriage!

  27. Can rhyme - can't type. Pity that. Try 'for'...


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