Monday, 1 February 2010

It's An Idea

What? You may ask. Those hardy souls who have been reading the last few editions of napple notes, may have seen the suggestion put forth by Dave of Pics and Poems, that we launch a Rhyming Nit-Wits Club. However, while this may be a tempting prospect, the logistics of how it could be arranged have managed to bring my brain cells to a grinding halt. I know many of my posts sound as though I'm an inmate of the local Funny Farm, but I do also have a serious side, and would be loath to channel all my efforts into being a host for mirth to the exclusion of all else.

However, what I'd like to know is, what is stopping all the potential rhymers from occasionally posting a rhyme of their own? Let's consider what they might need in order to begin. First essential, I'd say, are two ears.

No, I know you don't write with them, but you need to hear the rhythms and patterns in language.

If I was to say 'flight' and ask you to tell me a word which rhymed, you wouldn't find that too hard, would you? Sight, blight, height, light, night, white - wait a minute - white? The spelling is different, yes, but your ears hear the same sound. So listening to the sounds of the words you choose to write is number one, and most people have no problem with this!

However, rhythm often poses a problem to begin with. As we speak, we naturally emphasise some parts of a word or sentence, without thinking about it. For example, 'potential' has the emphasis on the central syllable - po-TEN-shal - whereas 'combination' emphasises the first and third - COM-bin-A-shun.

Whether you realised it or not, what you did when you wrote a last verse for me, was copy the rhythm I'd set out in the first one.

So, if you're not quite sure how to begin writing a rhyme, start by looking at one some other poet produced, and copy the lilt of the words. Don't let me hear anybody say 'I can't write a rhyme'.
Now go forth and multiply rhymes in Blogland. I'll even give you a prod to get you going.

A Poem Of Words

Pip, Polemic, Pacify,
Frugal, Frumpish, Fortify.
Astral, Ankh, Antimony,
Artful, Angst, Agrimony.

Words are fun, they've got potential
especially when experimental
combinations come to mind -
try some out, see what you find!


  1. ooo I'm trying I really am but I'm rubbish!! Your advice is great though :0)

  2. jinksy thanks for the lesson! there's another element that you have in abundance and that's the genius to connect the words, the rhymes, the sounds into something that has a life of its own!!! keep writing!!! steven

  3. Thanks for trying to ignite creativity in those like me who lack ability.

  4. Limericks do account for rhymes yes?
    I've written a few I confess;
    There's no rhyme or reason,
    And most out of season,
    Glad I don't write under duress!

  5. Sunny @
    has a wonderful poem this morning(Feb. 1st).

  6. What I love about children's poems is that they usually rhyme.

    Today, over on my Mr. Kindergarten blog, I'll give a good example of a kid's poem that has rhyming going for it. I can almost guarantee you'll like it.

  7. I shall try one out shortly Jinksy - you have given me the inspiration, all I need now is a libation and a bit of concentration and then I should produce a creation (it will be a sensation)

  8. You have a way of encouraging
    Instead of the usual discouraging

  9. I am the world's worst rhymer
    I may have my mother to blame her,
    but in toto
    I'd better take another photo.


  10. Hello Jinksy,

    Another asset is an inexhaustable capacity to produce said rhymes. Some of us may need to flop on the couch and let the batteries rejuvenate!

  11. jinksy.....I am absolutely pathetic.....I can rhyme words but the sentence makes no sense to me....oh well I can always come here for my rhyming fix.........:-) Hugs

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  13. Easier said than done.
    Or, where are my nursery rhymes when I need them?

  14. rhyming is hard
    strictly for bards
    free verse is best
    and not such a test
    for a frayed old brain
    form is a strain
    so let's get with it
    embrace free verse
    the creation of couplets
    could put one in a hearse

  15. I cannot rhyme;
    There is no time.
    A poet I am not.
    I should not try;
    That is no lie.
    So now it's time to stop!

    (See jinksy....I write like a kindergarten student...and I REALLY worked on this!!)
    Some people should stick to reading good poetry and good writing: that would be me.

    You write.
    Jackie will read.
    You're dynamite.
    I'm...I'm in need!


  16. When it comes to poems and rhymes I am too slow. I would never get anything posted.

  17. But, Jinksy, are you SURE you want my filthy mind to construct verse? Well, if that's what you want...

    There was an old man from Nantucket...

    [*Jinksy slams a frying pan over his head*]

  18. on his blog rhymes wit tells me i am talentless, i can't rhyme and make no sense, in a word i am a putz....i had no idea he felt that way, i might end it all, cause not being able to rhyme and having no sense about things , well it is real depressing, and here i thought i was so clever...i have dicarded DANIEL as a handle

  19. Suldog, allow me to finish it for you......

    The was an old man from Nantucket,
    who had a small hole in his bucket.
    It leaked in the kitchen, the hallway and garden,
    where he finally decided to chuck it!

    Anybody want to buy a Suldog shaped frying pan???


  20. I often try to write in rhyme
    But get it wrong most of the time,
    Alliteration doesn’t flow that free
    While Assonance makes an ass of me.

    I’m over fond of my conjunctions
    That clog up my poetic functions.
    Of tautology I’m over fond,
    Redundant lilies on my pond.

    As a poet I’m not much kop
    Although I doubt I will ever stop.
    Do your best to bear with me
    My wayward words, my poetry.

  21. Nicely done. I've read many great poems around the internet today.

    --Terrace Crawford

  22. This is for C J Duffy:-

    Thank you for your little rhyme -
    the kind I churn out all the time -
    I'm sorry if it caused you grief,
    and hope by now you've found relief
    in writing prose, if that's your bag,
    for chasing ryme can be a drag
    if it makes you scratch your noddle,
    instead of thinking 'It's a doddle!'

  23. I challenge putz to find one instance where I have ever called him talentless. I did say "another indecipherable comment" recently after he left an indecipherable comment on my blog. I never said he can't rhyme. I never said he makes no sense. I said that that particular comment had neither rhyme nor reason. If you're going to quote me, quote me accurately. I believe putz it trying to put me in the worst possible light, in a venue where most people have no idea what he is talking about.

    I will now slink back into my shell.

  24. Mmm... I've played with writing poetry from time to time, but basically, I've decided it simply isn't me. I can do it (though only in a very basic amateurish way) I just choose not to.

  25. This is for RWP and Putz:-

    Oh dear! I feel like I need to get the boxing gloves out for the pair of you, whilst chanting 'Now, play nicely children!'

  26. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious idea! If only I could spell and rhyme in English. Than I would know a word that rhymes with idea and one that rhymes with English. Sadly... no... can't think of any ;-)

  27. the sounds into something that has a life of its own!!! keep writing!!!

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