Friday, 19 February 2010

What? Friday Again?

Go have words with G-Man if you don't know what a 55 is all about - apparently he is the ringleader! It will then leave you with all the weekend to recover...

A 55 Morning Awakening

If people wake up very grumpy,
like a camel with a humpy,
I like to try and make them smile
by being silly for a while
until their frowning faces brighten
as they feel their burdens lighten.
Then like a golden buttercup
they can cheer some others up!

Join me in a love in, folks?

N.B. :- Thanks to Dan's careful counting, it came to light that I'd copied and pasted my Mark 1 55, which only had 54 words. In Mark 2, I'd added an extra one to get the total 55. I have now come back to edit my mistake, before any other sharp eyed reader takes me to task. I never mind being corrected!


  1. Love this!!! I really like being happy.

    TIGER TEARS is my 55 this week.

  2. i need you around in the mornings.... hubby will attest to that.

  3. Silly is best FOR SURE! I don't trust people who are too serious...

  4. A very chirpy little offering! Spring must be round the corner!

  5. like a camel accomplished it, i laughed...will share my buttercup as well. smiles.

  6. Sometimes, I wake up grumpy....
    Sometimes, I let him sleep!

  7. Hi Jinksy,

    You made me so happy!
    Have you a great weekend.


  8. Hi Jinksy,
    It is always a delight to chase you around in blogosphere. Another good poem. Do they come to your mind suddenly and you write them down or it's a sustained effort?

    Have a great weekend.

  9. HA!! "Like a camel humpy." hee, hee har...!

  10. I'll take that buttercup and run with it for the weekend--nice one.

  11. Aw, Jinksy, how could anyone be grumpy after reading your bee boppin poem!! You have a way with words and when you feel like it you make up the word which only shows how resourceful you are!! Hugs to you.

  12. heeeeelllllooooo buttercup! :) important rememberance to smile

  13. Sure. Where do I sign up for the love-in?

  14. A very sweet little poem Jinksy. Very apt for some of my family too. It would look good framed on the bedroom wall!
    Blessings, Star

  15. Loved it. And, by my count, which could be wrong, you did it in 54 words!

    I like visiting here and getting a lift, a smile, a happiness to pass along.

  16. I can see you had a lot of experience with Verse and Worse but this is great - really loved it ~ I am back with a new hip which at present does not perform quite as well as the old one did but much better than it did for it's last 6 months. In training ~ Eddie

  17. Your quest for rhyme is never-ending.
    I hope you have more poems pending.
    So all good wishes now I'm sending
    But sometimes I run out of steam.

  18. This poem perfectly reflects my love and I! Except some mornings he just won't cheer and I end up in his grumpy mood! That is very bad!

  19. Dan-
    You are correct, I left out the last word 'folks' - as per 'Join me in a love in, folks? This was due to copy and paste error early this morning. Well spotted.

    And Doctor FTSE -

    I always have a poem pending
    but that can be quite heaartrending
    when I cannot find and ending.
    Things aren't easy as they seem.

  20. ...To whit - it's hard to proofread as fast as I type.

  21. This made me smile today Jinksy- no mean feat at the moment. Thanks.

  22. Now this is a happy it. Have a great weekend my friend....:-) Hugs

  23. All very well and good, but what if everyone's grumpy, including you? LOL!

    Not sure if I want to do another meme, but I'll go take a look!

  24. Reading your last few posts I see how your brain is filled with words, but then it takes brain to place them into verses. You have a skill for sure my friend – I love to read all your quick poems.

  25. Eddie - it's lovely to see you back!

    Jay - I never wake up grumpy...

    Susie - Come again - smiles are my forte!

    Mam Zen - My door is always open...

    Vagabonde - my quickest poems get put in emails!

    All other good people, plus those in my email brigade - I thank you for calling, visiting hours are 24/7 !

  26. What a happy, bouncy little poem! Excellent.

  27. Jinksy...
    55's are Fun...Not THAT serious !!
    Your poem Rocked...
    I hope you get the fever every Friday.
    Thank You for playing and visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G-Daddy

  28. G-Daddy? I hope not - that would make you a formidable age, as I'm a gnat's whisker from 69!

  29. There was a blog lady called Jynksi
    Who wrote verse as fast as Nijinski.
    They made her write fast
    Nail her skill to the mast
    And be read on TV by Naplinski.

    I'll be here on Fridays LOL Eddie x

  30. Ed and his blue lights are winking!
    Full marks for very quick thinking.
    The rhyming is great
    Me ol’ blogpal mate.
    I’m off to my corner, a-slinking.


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