Saturday, 27 February 2010

I'll Let You Into A Secret Or Two

The first secret is the title of the book I'm reading. Now, all over Blogland there are many books mentioned every day, from erudite classics to children's favourites. I guess my claim to second childhood lets me join in this last category with gusto. My book, on the desk before me, is 'For Laughing Out Loud' - Poems To Tickle Your Funny Bone, selected by Jack Prelutsky and Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman.

The second secret - well, almost, as I have shared it with one or two of you - is that I was born on a Sunday, and we all know a version of the old rhyme 'Monday's child', don't we? Yep, that's me - bonny and blithe and good and gay (in the original accepted meaning of the word). So my funny bone was most decidedly tickled by the following version, which I am now giving you, in case you got me wrong...It's by Colin McNaughton, and I apologise to all Blogpals, whichever day they happen to have been born on!

Monday's Child Is Red And Spotty

Monday's child is red and spotty,
Tuesday's child won't use the potty.
Wednesday's child won't go to bed,
Thursday's child will not be fed.
Friday's child breaks all his toys,
Saturday's child makes an awful noise.
And the child that's born on the seventh day
Is a pain in the neck like the rest! OK?


  1. Well, I am a noisy child! You were born the next day and laughed instead of crying!

  2. Well let's see...I'm a Monday boy but the only time I remember being spotty is when I had the chicken-pox. And there is a bit of "red" heritage...oh I had to think on this one, jinksy!

  3. I was born on a Sunday and I freely confess that I am a righteous pain in the neck on every day that ends in 'y'. Including Sunday.

    Curiously, my daughter was born on a Tuesday and it took four years to adequately potty train her. (oops, if she reads this, she'll be pointing at me accusingly and referring to my previous statement as well)

  4. Very cute. Wednesday's child here. That might explain my insomnia. ;)

  5. I love kid's poems, too, and Jack's among my favorites. Shel Silverstein and Kenn Nesbitt are others I like.

    I was born on Saturday, and I play all kinds of instruments in KINDERGARTEN where my audience is generally appreciative of any of the noises I make; the difference between the right note and the wrong one isn't usually noticed.

  6. Hands down the funniest twist on the day of the week child I have ever read!

  7. I love the new version of that poem! So true! :)

  8. I am Wednesday's child but my mother told me I was *full of woe*
    Had to laugh at the newer version!

    Nuts in May

  9. Haha! That is hilarious! I'm still not potty trained? Oh my! Someone should have told me... lol

    Hi, I'm Nisa and a new follower thanks to KLo's spread the love post. :)

  10. Even though it is Saturday, I have a Wednesday child on my hands. lol.

    Sounds like a fun book.

  11. Friday for me, but I'm so opposite of breaking my toys, it's not funny, but that was my youngest son.

  12. That made me chuckle Jinksy. I've never heard it before and it is just as true as the other one, I think.
    Blessings, Star

  13. Well I guess this means I will soon be in depends.......LOL
    Enjoy Sunday my friend.....:-) Hugs

  14. the child that's born on the seventh day
    is much worse than the others at play
    she mucks up the hop scotch doesn't catch balls
    eats all the cup cakes from the school fete stall
    she pulls the cat's tail and sneaks her dad's ale
    and then blames her brother or somebody t'other

  15. Funny poem. I was born on Wednesday, but I love to go to bed.

  16. I'm a Thursday child and all I can say is YAYYYYY, I might lose some weight ;)

  17. Oh, I'm Saturday. No kidding...
    (shaking head slowly...)

  18. This "Tuesday's child" description is no closer to me than the original. "Full of grace"...Hah!

  19. A PS for rallentanda -

    On the contrary

    The child who is born on the seventh day
    likes dancing and singing on her merry way,
    spreading some sunshine is always her aim
    plus helping all others to share in the same.
    Life is surely too short to be lonely or sad -
    and so Sunday maidens can't be all that bad!

  20. You made me search for something on the internet. I did not know what day of the week I was born. Well now I know, it was a Tuesday. I am not sure if I did not use the potty early though. I may prefer the usual Tuesday’s child is full of grace – unless you read it as a French word – full of “graisse” which would be full of “fat” lol!

  21. LOL, love this one, I was born on a Wed. and I use to hate going to bed, still am the last one up at night. Must be some truth to it. LOL

  22. I was a bit taken back, discovering I went from Full of grace to red and spotty. Actually I have brown spots commonly known as freckles. And I am red whenever I spend more than a millisecond in the sun. So maybe it is not that far off after all! LOL. Loved it.


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