Sunday, 24 October 2010

Be serious ! It's Sunday!

I had no idea that my simple tale of  things that go bump in the night, would give so many of you a chance to exercise your funny bones, and come back with such mirth making repartees! Britta managed to give me a dose of my own medicine, with the Chamomile tea suggestion, while Madame Butterfly was clearly in need of a cup of the same (my brother swears by Chamomile tea  as a sleep promoter). Then June was obviously haunted by the Wellies, while Jabblog almost lost her cool due to lack of sleep.
Derrick managed to spare a thought or two for my poor neighbours -
  1. in case they had fallen out of bed, 
  2. because they may have witnessed my deshabille which may have scarred them for life.
But Hilary's alternative scenario was enough to make my hair curl, although it did make me laugh. You see, many years ago, I did receive a crank 'phone call which began seriously enough with an unknown voice saying, "I bet you don't remember me?"but ended with a lewd query as to what colour panties I was wearing, at which point I slammed down the receiver...See, Hilary, many a true word is spoken in jest...

I must say, Steve Gravano's suggestion of cat naps was a good one, and AC might do well to take note of this advice too. But they can't usually be done to order. I find they only creep up on you unawares, much as a real cat would, while rhymeswithplague was inclined to agree my mishap was enough to make a cat laugh, though the TMI had managed to scandalise him, I fear.

Thanks to the fashion conscious ladies, Technobabe, Weaver of Grass, Raining Acorns and Barnie, who were suitably impressed with attention to detail shown in my attire, whereas Doc was rendered speechless for a moment, until, after he'd let Christine H voice her gratitude, he chimed back in with a vocabulary lesson in Czech. I must point out, however, when applied to boots, the term 'kinky' describes the wrinkles in the soft suede or leather which slouch boots are made from, whereas my black rubber Argyll footwear is incapable of copying such folds.

I thought I should find a suitable illustration, before Doc's 'holinki' word inadvertently sparks a plethora  of comments from those who are picturing Kinky Booted Jinksy in  a totally erroneous manner.
These would be my kinky boots of choice, but the narrow toes mean  they would never fit my foot shaped feet, no matter how much I might yearn for a pair! I'd be interested if any of you could show me where I could buy kinky boots designed for real feet, as opposed to a designer's fantasy...
 And I let Dr FTSE have the last word here, as he emailed me the cartoon above, then dared me to post it...


  1. Hmmm! I like those boots. Now, if they would just come sized for spaghetti feet!

  2. Nice boots, but not as nice as Wellies.

  3. I have just noticed your last post. I am a bit behind at the moment.
    I'm sure I wouldn't get into a pair of boots like that. wellies are more sensible.
    It is a pity when our sleep is disturbed like that. I never get up though. I find lying there listening to the radio lulls me to sleep again. Try 5 Live!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  4. Ah, wouldn't it be something if designers came up with shoes that actually fit foot-shaped feet?! Clever sequel to your original post--and I dare not ask where Dr FTSE found that cartoon!

  5. I actually had a cat nap yesterday for about ten or fifteen minutes. It helped. And I had a decent sleep last night too.

  6. I am thinking I definitely need to go read your last post to be up to speed...

  7. I am still chuckling over the good Dr's cartoon. Somehow I don't think you would go out dressed this way )oops I mean undressed this way.
    Hope you are well rested now....thanks for the chuckle.......:-) Hugs

  8. ROTF. Wellies and nothing else would certainly be a fashion statement.

  9. No, Jinksy! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! It's the black rubber wellies and the shorty nightie makes votre toute ensemble kinky! What do the others think . . .

    Raininmg Acorns . . . any subject . . . try Google "Images" The cartoon is one of any number of responses to "Wellington Boot Cartoons."

  10. Doc- It's just as well that’s one picture that will never appear on Google Images, what, what, what?! Now, if it had been a short rubber nightie and bare feet, THAT might have been kinky...

  11. Now how about a trip to Venice at Acqua Alta? ;-)

  12. Oh, so you do remember my phone call :)


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