Friday, 15 October 2010

One? Two?

No, this is not a BOGOF, (Buy One Get One Free, for anyone who may have thought I was being nasty!). It is me realising I have created a split personality by starting a second blog. Time was, napple notes swallowed everything I fed it without complaint - I could concoct any recipe and more or less knew who would come to my table to sample the menu.

Since I became inundated with tempting, ready made menus from Flash Fiction 55, Sepia Saturday, Magpie Tales, The Poetry Bus, Big Tent Poetry, Monday's Child, Microfiction Monday, Poets United and last, but not least, Writer's Island, I have been very remiss with creating my own Dish Of The Day, and I know Hilary, for one, has an aversion to Double Blogging. For those who have yet to meet the lovely Hilary, aka The Smitten Image, she has a hard enough time following one blog per person, when choosing her Post Of The Week, without nuts like me suddenly creating a second one.

Why did I do it? I thought I could, and would, keep poems separate. However, I am finding the lines becoming blurred between my two blogs. What shall I do, Blogpals? Keep two? Loose one? Look for the nearest padded cell immediately?


  1. I'd keep the poems separate except for the poems you post on your main blog.
    There, does that helP?

  2. help, help, help, you fool.
    It just doesn't work when I try to be funny.

  3. I'd go for the padded cell. It's very difficult for me to post to one blog and read, let alone put my two cents in on all the blogs I like to visit. I'd need a padded cell.

  4. I'm sticking to one at the moment! It's more than I can cope with. I'm in awe of those with multi-blogs.It's all part of us here at the Potters house anyway. That doesn't really help does it?

  5. What do you feel comfortable with?

    I can just about cope with two blogs from one writer/photographer but some folks have four or five and that just irritates me as I can never find the one I'm looking for.

    I've noticed other bloggers who have had two or three but when I look I see that one or two of the blogs have not had contributions for weeks or even months. If it were me I'd just have to let one lapse or I definitely would require the padded cell.

  6. Occasionally, I have thought of starting a separate poetry blog because I know some people have one exclusively for that, which is probably more attractive to poetry afficionados, but as I now seem to write more poetry posts than non, I think the 'main' one would become redundant! I must admit habit naturally draws me to napple notes!

  7. If I had to juggle two sites Jinksy, I think I would have to do it from a padded cell.

  8. I'm a one-blog poster and reader, but I kind of like that you have split yours into two as I prefer more news and views and fewer poems. So this is the one I follow. I'm not saying I don't read poems when they're posted here, but poems are primarily a specialized sort of output IMO: more of interest to those who are also into the genre.

  9. OK my tuppence ha'penny worth:

    I am a multi-blogger and there is a valid -reason for this (honest)

    A New Start is my main blog and as I have recently started on the writers prompts they go in here too.
    The To Do List which is my Bucket List and I've recently added a sub-blog to that called Tube Bagging.
    The Village of the Damned are stories about a village I used to live in.
    Musings are stories about my childhood that are really for my family to enjoy. My sisters and kids love reading them and letting me know their take on the same events.

  10. Hi - I've just jumped over from your other blog. I think I may have fallen into a similar trap, I started a second blog Transportation Poet just to write my silly verse on but I don't seem to find the time to properly post on two, you will see I haven't added a rhyme for weeks. Maybe I should just pull everything onto one blog? You seem to be coping well with two - well done!

  11. Been there
    done that
    going back and forth.
    Had to change my name though
    people looked me up
    scared me

  12. I vote for both B and C. Also, I would chuck the "ready made menus" and go with your own creative mind. I think prompts are mainly for the unimaginative.

  13. I liked the varied nature of Napple Notes: a rich feast when all sorts of dishes were served up to be devoured with relish.

  14. You know how I feel.. lol. I didn't realize I was known for disliking multi-bloggling. Yes, I know I've told you. :)

    The way I see it is that if you have diverse interests, why not just post more regularly and in one spot? I read my blogs of interest in Google Reader and drop by to comment. I only track one blog per person but curiosity might make me jump over to another on occasion, while on site. For the most part, I'm oblivious to another one existing and you know what they say.. ignorance is bliss.

    Or you could say that I just have a mental blog about it. ;)

  15. I know someone who has 5 Blogs or maybe it's 6...I only follow one though.

    I have 2 blogs, but one is private, 10 members, from all over, use it to post the "mail art letters" we receive from each other.

  16. Gosh if I could write as creatively as you I would have several blogs, as it is I can hardly keep up with one. You know how much time you can devote to your blogs, I know you will make the perfect decision for you and we will all benefit from it.......:-) Hugs

  17. I think it's perfectly reasonable to have a separate blog for a niche special-interest subject, e.g. Lego, bus-spotting or hedge-hog squatting, although it's always intriguing to get flashes of other people's special interests too.

    But as yours are both your personal thoughts & musings I would put them together and trust people to skip ones which are of less interest but still keep following you.

  18. Dear Jinsky,
    I have the same dilemma, as you know - and "sometimes he thought sadly to himself, "Why?" and sometimes he thought, "Wherefore?" and sometimes he thought, "Inasmuch as which?" - and sometimes he didn't quite know what he was thinking about." ;-) TTFN Britta


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