Tuesday, 19 October 2010

You Are Always On My Mind

Erm...not quite! But yesterday, Pobblebonks were. Such a lovely word could not be lightly dismissed, and all day I could sense a nonsense rhyme struggling to croak to the surface, which it finally did, but too late for me to start posting.
As the following unadulterated lunatic rhyme is enough to make anybody cry, I'm sneaking in one of Dad's drawings this morning, where the effect has already taken place. Happy Tuesday, peoples...

A Pobblebonk sat on a log.
He knew he was some kind of frog,
but he felt so unsure
of his froggy allure,
that he hopped off to hide in a bog.

But, as he was leaping,
a lady frog, creeping
nearby while hunting for flies,
twitched with surprise -
got stars in her eyes -
here was the Prince she was seeking!

Before very long,
they joined in song
the pobble-bonks rang loud and clear
as together they croaked -
he was all she'd hoped -
But boy, did she get things all wrong?

For with the first kiss,
the amorous Miss
found her Pobblebonk pal,
had turned into Prince Hal-
had transmogrified,
it could not be denied,
into Prince Harry -
not a beau she could marry!
Then Right Royal Harry,
not inclined to tarry,
called for his horse
and skedaddled, of course!

This comes with my humble apologies to The Royal Family, as well as any other Frog Princes who may still be waiting for a magical kiss to release them from an enchantment...


  1. Pobblebonk is a good word. I also came across 'chobbling' last weekend. Someone had described the first time he and his son had shared chips, wrapped in newspaper. He went on to recall how much they had enjoyed chobbling their chips, on the way home.

  2. How is she listed in the Almanac De Gotha ? I can't find her family .

  3. jinksy i'd love to know what your dad meant by the inscription on the drawing.... can you tell the story? steven

  4. A friend once told me you had to kiss a lot of frogs before finding the elusive Prince....

  5. Delightful! And -- I'm adding "pobblebonks" to my vocabulary. I shall probably use the word in totally incorrect ways, but it just sounds so GOOD!

    "...struggling to croak to the surface"? How clever you are, m'dear!

  6. Utter confusion for that poor little lady froggy. was he the one who went a-wooing in the past? Hey-ho!

  7. Jinksy I have been looking for a frog prince all my life - the trouble is I can't bring myself to kiss a frog, so I shall never know how many princes I have missed.

  8. That was great fun! I like that word, "pobblebonk" and shall be using it henceforth.

    Funny picture! Your dad must have had quite the sense of humour.


  9. Haha, that's great! (Although I never loved the fairy tale with the Frog King very much - I thought the King was much too stern with his daughter). About Royalties I have learned to keep my mouth shut - though I only presented a nice picture on my blog!

  10. Uh, OK... Would this be called a nonsense rhyme? I suspect so Penny!!

  11. I really move that one. I home from Ar. Heart Hosp. with drugs but no permanent solution, and there may not be one for atrial fibrillation. Control, not cure, may be key words, right now

  12. Oh I like the word "Pobblebonks" even if I have no clue what it might mean. Sounds a bit like some form of singing jelly bean, or something. A Pobblebonk quartet.

    Anyway, there's a commercial currently running here that your poem put in my mind. A young, pretty princess sits propped up in bed, and the entire room is covered in frogs. Frogs with crowns. Fat frogs, skinny frogs. Croaking frogs and silent frogs.

    The princess looks out nervously across the sea of frogs come to call and says, "Look, I don't know what you've heard, but that was a one-time thing..."

    No clue what it's advertising. None. But at least it sticks in my brain :-)


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