Friday 5 November 2010

Awards? Hmm...

Today, Blogpals all, I present to you my newly created B.A.award! Despite my carefully added Extra Edit to yesterday's post, it would seem some of you still consider the Red Badge I displayed then as some kind of honour. Think again! I'd hardly pushed the publish post button, before I realised that clicking on said badge merely served as a means of advertising the courses at ten different American scholastic institutions - absolutely nothing to do with furthering a community spirit amongst poetically minded Bloggers.
Thanks to the IT know how and definite community spirit of four long time Bloglander pals - Shadow, AC, Hilary and Gerry - the insidious advertising link was banished to the back of beyond in less time than it takes to say 'Foiled again, Moriarty'.

I have emailed the Jen Hughes who sent me the original email notification of the 'award', and will be exceedingly interested, should I ever receive a reply. While a decision to advertise any site we choose via our Blogs is a God given right in my view, that does NOT cover being made to link to one purely as a hidden agenda by another person.

So now, if your get an email entitled 'Master Blog!' from Jen Hughes, you will know before you accept her offer, that you are being used as a pawn in a different game.

And now, just for Smitonious and Sonata, a special little something :-

An unscrupulous lady called Jen
once tried to entice me, and then
she added a link
which lead in a blink
to a website I shan't visit agen - er - again?


  1. I banished awards a long time ago, mostly because I was being given them as a nicety, not on any sort of merit of my own. While that's quite nice, I think an award should be deserved for some sort of achievement. What they did to you is downright despicable!

  2. Very nice police work, Jinksy. Another con game exposed!

  3. thanks for your openness in sharing all of this here jinksy. i'm beginning to miss your excellent poems though!!!! steven

  4. Don't you just love the 'bloggers' who write to you, privately and on your blog, with vast praise for your efforts and thus butter you up for the follow up con?
    The number of awards I've won that way is breathtaking; in case you and others didn't know, I am one of the best bloggers around. But never for long, because I just don't have the inclination to publish their links.
    One of these days somebody without an ulterior motive will recognise what a worthy blog I have.

  5. It's all about money isn't it. Gets very tedious doesn't it.
    Blessings, Star

  6. I've been invited to advertise saucepans and baking tins to put on my sidebar. Ignored, I hasten to add. I didn't think of things like that when I called the blog Inwardlydigesting.

  7. I've recently been contacted with a view to having adverts for pain relief, college courses, and family DVDs processed to order. I've declined, obviously.

    On the subject of awards, it's always nice to get awarded something but, I agree with Karen, awards should, perhaps, be reserved for significant achievement.

  8. Well you should all feel honoured - no-one even considers my blog worthy of their poxy ad campaigns!

    I don't mind people having adverts in their sidebars as I have an uncanny ability to edit out such things - but this is a cheeky scam you've uncovered, Jinksy, because it isn't up front about it! *shakes fist*

  9. Drat ! And I was looking forward to your explaining what the sound of visual and kinesthetic imagery is .
    I'm looking forward to a poem about shady ladies called Jen instead .

  10. Smitonius and Sonata - how about 'SPLAT' ?!

  11. Jeez, nothing like thinking you've been singled out for honors only to find out you've been duped. Jinksy, I love you, if that's any help! :-)

  12. Well, it's amusing anyway. I'm off to think up some good blog awards with humorous acronyms.

  13. Well you're certainly deserving of actual honors, so I'm sorry you got the B.S. one!

    Don't feel bad, yesterday as I tooled around looking for an appetizer recipe, I was blocked from going to a site ...a recipe site...because it was deemed an attack site!!! I did let the webmaster know and the poor woman was simply up in arms, she'd picked up an internet nasty, in amongst her strudel recipes.

    So Jen may be unscrupulous but at least she does not rise to the level of nefarious or sinister.

  14. Ah Pen - we belong to the age of innocence, you and I.

  15. A superb little something !
    Thankyou !!

  16. The awards are not part of the joy of blogging for me. It seems to be a learning experience for you and thanks for the heads up.

  17. Ohhhhhh....this explains the Fridge Soup/Friko award. Should've come here first.
    I haven't been the unlucky recipient of such an "award" from Nefarious Jen, and I am so very glad!

  18. I'm starting to feel sorry for Jen Hughes, who will no doubt NOT get a warm reception from your blogpals Jinksy, should Jen decide to give them the dreaded 'award'.

    She did something good for Blogworld however. I've noticed she unlocked the Bloggy Award Giving Monster in you ;-)

  19. Hmm.Yes. These 'awards' may well conceal scams. They look for blogs with large numbers of followers. They appeal, like all ads. to insecurity and vanity. They are not interested in the quality or the content of the blog. They are simply looking for 'clicks'

  20. I nearly have been caught in such a dupe. I did try Amazon Associates which is upfront about its purpose and I am a very heavy user of

    I quit accepting awards, and tags and etc for the most part, although I appreciated the compliments. They are time consuming and I prefer to compliment in my comments.

  21. The "Blogger Team" that Jen Hughes' original message referred to could mean many things. I bet it doesn't mean "a team of dedicated BLOGGER (i.e. GOOGLE.) EMPLOYEES who devote their lives to finding likely bloggers on behalf of Ms.Jen Hughes."

    PS Jinksy . . if it's any help in the future, "embedded code" can be either:-
    1. Copied and pasted into the 'Edit html' pane when you create/edit a post , in which case the result will appears in the body of your post, or

    2. Copied and pasted into an html "widget" for your sidebar. Html widgets are found via Dashboard/Design/Page Elements in Blogger.

    You do "href=" links with html, so you can easy do embedded code!

  22. ha ha! I love it. I don't know how I missed this blog before :O)

  23. Wonderful, dear Pen! With awards better stick to the way Mrs. Wyses (relations to the Wyses in Whitchurch) in Riseholme does: her servants are so proud of Mrs. Wises "MBE" that she is forced to present it in a little box on the sideboard...

  24. Well I am pleased that you found this out before you'd given them a long ride.
    What a cheek. I think it is awful to play on people's emotions this way.
    Loved your little poem.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  25. smart way to do awards.

  26. This week I received an email from “Abigail" saying that she had read my blog and was very impressed. But she added “We are pleased to inform you that we do write articles for such unique sites, etc”. Now if they are so impressed with my posts, why do they want to write the posts for me? And if they write my posts, then why do I blog? She said she would write the articles for me and the only thing I had to do was to link to her website – whatever that site is. Can you believe it?


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