Friday 12 November 2010

Waterlogged Spa

It's no secret, we've had more than out fair share of rain this year, in all parts of the country. A friend was describing how his driveway was beginning to resemble a babbling brook, and this gave me a nudge to write a little something for a Flash, seeing as how it's Friday again, and the G-man, alias Mr Knowitall, is hovering. Here it is then, with no further ado, a little splash of exactly fifty five words.

Floater's Dance

There, on a path where water is rushing
over shingled drive not intended for gushing
streams, leaves huddle, form a raft.
Without map or compass this craft
will continue to dance to skirling song
of wind and rain. Who knows how long
the piper has called this same tune
in other lands, under different moons?


  1. Love this one Jinksy, nicely penned, flows as well as the rain over the shingled drive. I can hear the raindrops from here in soggy Pacific Northwest,,,playing a tune to your words,



  2. Love the openness of this- lets us twirl and whirl
    as we like! great image of the little raft-

  3. nice 55 jinksy...very natural...smiles.

  4. 55 words of clever construction! Makes me long for my Wellies. Have a great weekend Pen.

  5. The piper needs to take a trip to my area. We are starving for rain at the moment. The lack thereof made a lackluster autumn in our area.

  6. In exactly 55 words. You're a clever little blogoet.

  7. Or blopoet maybe. But not a blah-poet.

  8. This even made me appreciate the torrents of rain we've had recently :-) Well done! Perhaps you could now pen something to make the muddy pawprints acceptable ;-)

  9. Here you are, Jabblog!

    Kids, cats and dogs
    with mud on their feet
    that treks in from the garden
    or even the street,
    can leave other traces,
    much harder to beat -
    deep down in our hearts -
    and that's no mean feat!

  10. LOL! Yes I got soaked today, too. The opening lines made me smile in your poem :O)

  11. Delightful! We had a wet, wet Spring, then the heavens just about dried up. The only swirling leaves around here are blown by the wind.

  12. Loved this . . . until it reminded me of how this always makes my cellar flood!
    Nice write

    Spiderman's Ride is my 55 this week.

  13. skirling. WHat a great word.

  14. Plenty of wind added to the mix too, Jinksy!

  15. Nice one. People are increasingly getting a soaking nowadays.

  16. Is the weather like this everywhere in the world at the moment? Seems like it. Some evocative words and phrases there, I enjoyed it.

  17. I'll bet some people are wishing that piper would put down his pipe and grab a bucket!

    Nifty 55, Jinksy!

  18. Jinksy...!!!
    This was awesome!!
    Although I must say when I saw the title FLOATERS, my first thoughts were in the toilet!
    Loved your 55 My Dear...
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End.

  19. the verses are floating like water..nice

  20. I just love that word, "skirling"!
    @G-man - Eww! (I did the same thing, but I didn't think Jinsy would stoop so low. ha ha)


  21. That was very good...... clever.
    We have had enough rain now. It is about time for a rest! My skin is getting drenched several times a day and I don't mean in the shower!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  22. Seriously, no pun intended, but I love the flow of this.

  23. You do a lovely gush!

    stay dry and warm. I'm back from the brink and will get back to you soon.

  24. This is delightful. As long as I don't have to go out in it, I love the rain.

  25. The piper called the same tune in my country too this year, was the garbage that was floating , instead of the leaves :D

  26. They forgot to turn the taps off up there, though we had a slight respite this morning.
    I like your rhythmic poems.


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