Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A Cold And Frosty Morning

Here in Napple's Nook it's the kind of day that makes you think of woolly socks and hot drinks at regular intervals, and as my last post was (vaguely) weather related, and today's will be (vaguely) connected to a cup, you can see how my mind has been working. Or not.

Chilly days often freeze the inspiration too, but the picture prompt from Willow was enough to light a small fire under mine and I produced a few lines, which I shall lay before you eventually. But not before a dose of waffle.I expect many of you are relieved I have stopped doling out medicinal compound of this kind on a daily basis. With the dreaded countdown to Christmas beginning to wind back the Shopping Days' numbers at an alarming rate, most Bloggers will be happy to have less posts on their reading list. Aren't I being thoughtful?

But I have to admit, each start of the week finds me looking forward to playing along with Monday's Child  and Stony River who keep my brain ticking over in Alias Jinksy mode, even though this can mean Napple keeps her mouth shut for a day or three. Remember, silence is golden.

So as promised (or threatened) here is the Magpie Tales picture, and my latest offering.

A Cup, A Cup...

Cup your hands under your chin
and let the memories begin-
of lazy, Alice In Wonderland days,
of Cup Runneth Over secret ways
we followed, each one filled to the brim
with happiness.So together we basked in
our new found love and carefree laughter
and drank a toast, "To ever after!"
But this cup has been drained dry
and bitter dregs blow in our eyes
now, from a sudden teacup sandstorm.


  1. Lovely post Penny.

  2. I love the thoughts which your teacup can invoke, especially the ending.

    We have evaded the countdown to Christmas as we have no family near us and all our friends, like us just enjoy what others do.

    A year ago, we decided to buy our own gift, one something, no price limitations. I have already bought a kindle and unless something hits my fancy that is Christmas. What my husband chooses may be the already install roof over our deck/porch for his smoking parlor as there is no smoking in the house, or he may choose something entirely different.

    Otherwise we participate heavily with our church and other efforts to help the unfortunate, especially those with children.

  3. "Cup Runneth Over Ways"- evocative thoughts..some days I wish I could fall down that rabbit hole in Alice's Wonderland. Nice magpie Penny!

  4. It's -3 here this morning, but the wind makes it feel like -10. It's pretty chilling.

  5. Penny,
    Nice play of familiar lines put together in a cupful. Great!

  6. Lots of things freeze my inspiration. It doesn't seem like it affects your thinking process though. You are so artsy/crafty and heck, you can really write. A cup now dry is kinda sad, isn't it? For me, I would have to somehow get something to fill the cup again, at least past the halfway mark.

  7. Beautiful ... and sad too, the teacup sandstorm.

  8. How sad, did it have to end that way for us?
    Could we not try again?
    am always ready for the cup that cheers.

    Hey, Jinksy, this poetry lark (well versifying for me) is fun. I've just cobbled together a cup related post for willow too.

  9. I love the reference to Alice ...I'm into anything Alice at the moment, and also the last line . Sad ,yes , but poignant, and true in some way for most of us as we get older. Thankyou Jinksy.

  10. Lovely bittersweet post.

  11. Beautifully done.
    -- K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  12. May there be no bitter dregs this Christmas .

  13. Well done - I really like the way you describe this all-to-common fate.

  14. love the opening of two lines.
    let the fun begin,
    even if there are some pain....
    awesome rhythm in your poem...

    My Magpie

    has some awards/treats in it, have fun and enjoy the blog love.

  15. You have such a talent with cadence and rhythm!

  16. This was so beautiful and bittersweet...I love your poetry, Penny, it flows so easily,so naturally.

  17. Wonderful! I love the idea of a sandstorm in a teacup...

  18. I liked this.. and I just sat down with a cup of Chai.

  19. A cupful of memories and vintage emotions, and the dregs will blow away in that sandstorm, surely. Enjoyed your magpie, happy hols.

  20. What a great creative take on the prompt! I really love your lazy Alice in Wonderland days. Very nice.

  21. Ah, so that's what I've been doing; giving Bloggers more time to shop for Christmas. I was wondering why I've not been posting as much lately. Thanks for making that clear. Glad I'm in good company ;-)

    Lovely post.

  22. loved the energy and the rhythm of this post--great magpie-c

  23. Hello my friend, you haven't been showing up in my Reader so I popped over to say hello and found you have posted. We are beginning to warm up here after a Arctic Freeze passed over now that was brutal......:-)Hugs

  24. this is a great offering. Thank you.

  25. Lovely poem. I love how you wove your thoughts

  26. Love the weaving of words and thoughts to create such fun memories.


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