Monday 29 November 2010

Here We Go Again

With a threat of snow creeping ever closer, being able to escape to Blogland is twice as appealing.  But it's only now, with my supper bubbling away and teasing my nostrils, that I can take a few moments to put together a post which has been hovering in the sidelines since this morning.

A last minute luncheon guest kept me occupied in Napple Mansion's soup kitchen  this morning, before I could entertain her in the Great Banqueting Hall... Hah! Who am I kidding? But Blogland can be anything we care to imagine, right?

Can't you see the two of us at opposite ends of the mile long Carved Oak table, dressed in our finest ermine and pearls, supping soup from golden plates? If you can, then your imagination is even better than mine!

But culinary matters were the order of the day for Monday's Child, too, for this was the illustration by Blanche Fisher Wright that was on offer today, and here comes my interpretation of it, for gastronomes everywhere.

For Adults Only 

There was a tradition
in many a kitchen
of making Christmas Pudding
from scratch, including
flour an' fat an' fruit an' spice
and bread an' eggs an' all things nice.

Some silver coins would be hidden
in the mix, and you'd be bidden
to stir it thrice and make a wish
over this fancy Christmas dish.

Now the puds come ready made.
They're boxed, and carefully displayed
on well stacked supermarket shelves.
They're not like ones we made ourselves,
round and wrapped in pudding cloth...

When came the time to take this off,
the pud was topped with flaming brandy,
then cream or custard came in handy,
for they added  an extra charm -
though many a stomach came to harm
from overindulging at Christmas dinner
which never did make a body thinner!


  1. Can I come and have a bit of yours? Homemade presumably?

    It's that time of year again; I am going to have an advent calendar blog, a new christmassy post every day. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

  2. Thank goodness for bicarbonate of soda!

  3. thanks for your visit over at my spot.
    love this! imagery is awesome and now I'm hungry!
    enjoyed this very much
    thank you
    hope to see you again

  4. Gaviscon to the rescue for sure!
    I was Wednesday's child........ full of woe!
    Was rather a cruel rhyme unless you got a good day!
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  5. We all think back fondly to our 'real' Christmases but maybe it was ever thus.

  6. jinksy - my mum still makes her own from scratch . . . and christmas cake. not bragging but firing the biggest thankyou to whomever is responsible for running this show!!! steven

  7. I love the way the poem sounded as I read it aloud!!
    it has such a wonderful cadence
    and it made me smile

  8. Sounds like a Marvelous Christmas Pudding indeed....and yes, eating at Christmas never made anyone any thinner....thank you for posting Jinksy....blessings...bkm

  9. This sounds delicious, and like lots of fun making it too! :)

  10. Oh this pudding sounds delicious - you make a poem look and sound so easy jinksy. Stay warm my friend.....:-)Hugs

  11. Just right , it's warmed me up already !
    I'm hoping I haven't left it too late to order one from Betty's .( The postage is always startling but still cheaper than an Easyjet ticket ) .

  12. Enjoyed your typical English Christmas poem Penny. That pud sounds great! When we were kids we had steamed pudding on Christmas day with silver coins in. We don't have silver coins now so that practice has gone, sadly... - Dave

  13. You good rhymer. :>)

  14. You don't have to be in Blogland. I apologised to a delivery man this morning for being a bit tardy opening the door, saying that I'd been in the East Wing. Perfectly, alright m'lord, he replied.

  15. A very interesting interpretation of the picture, you have put a whole new twist to it :)
    Do visit my blog when free :


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