Thursday, 14 July 2011

Curtain Up?

The beauty of our play will come in part from skies
which learn to change their dress in faster time
than an audience will take to spot a scene shift.

A newly painted backdrop prompts an end
to the actor's tale. He speaks his lines,
and, as leading man, holds centre stage
in  Nature’s sunny theatre in the round.

Yet in the gallery the soft applause
of raindrops grows in volume, while the wind
standing ready in the wings, awaits its cue.

The rainstorm curtains held by tasselled loops
slowly draw their veil across the day, and the company
retires to rehearse the second act…

This is meIn Tandem mode - if you'd like to write something to go with this picture too, click on the link in this sentence, and join us!


  1. "The rainstorm curtains held by tasselled loops"

    Lovely imagery in this Jinksy. :-)

  2. I am really going to try this week Jinksy!

  3. lovely painting and words to go with it!

    Thanks by the way for the link to the article about thieving gulls!

  4. I love that painting! I could write about the oil seed rape and the beautiful vibrancy it brings to our landscape.

    Such gentle words.
    CJ xx

  5. Very well constructed work, both the artwork and the poem.

  6. Absolutely love the poem you've written to accompany this painting! Wonderful lines:"the soft applause of raindrops", "rainstorm curtains held by tasselled loops slowly draw their veil..."

  7. I don't have time today to join you Pen, but here is my poem for it anyway:

    Field of Sunflowers
    Oh field of sunflowers, how lovely you look,
    Much nicer than pictures in my picture book.
    But somehow I think that this picture I see,
    Has a great deal more beauty now that I look,

  8. Beautiful imagery - romantic.

  9. another lovely post from you, both word and image!

  10. Lovely... I especially like the first stanza!

  11. I am reminded of that beautiful line..
    Heaven came down and glory filled my heart...
    Your pic/art/ lovely too.Best regards,

    here is a link for that song.


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