Thursday, 7 July 2011


For the most part, I hate making them. Procrastination looms. So when it came to choosing which of my own graphic prompts to follow at Two In Tandem ,  you can see why I've taken the easy way out and written something to go with each of them. I understand this is akin to playing games with myself, but I haven't worked out another way of joining in that Mr Linky's List...
Here's number one:-

A sudden shutter clicks and doorways open.
Sunlight lays its hands upon my head
and energy cascades about my being.
It brings a scene shift on the stage of life
and I, as actor, need a different script
to follow.  Playwright, do you heed my words?
The backdrop changes daily. I have learned
that standing in the wings is not enough.
It's time to enter right and play my part.

And here's the second:-

Swooping low among the forest treetops
a raptor starts his routine, lethal quest,
his widespread wingtips brushing close to branches 
where dappled shadows shake, then still, suppressed.

Upon the ground warm blooded rabbits scurry;
they sense the menace hovering overhead.
The bird, aware of each erratic movement,
plummets...and one leveret lies dead.

Back on the nest, his mate sits, incubating.
Her downy warmth enfolds a clutch of eggs
with fragile shells as smooth as river pebbles,
against her taloned feet and feathered legs.

As birds of prey they both are well trained killers,
but parental instincts see them prove their worth,
for slavishly they'll tend their newborn offspring,
until they too may rule the skies of Earth.


  1. Lovely imagery and poems Jinksy. I just can't get my creative urge going again - but will try one day.

  2. Nice writing Jinksy!

    My favourite lines and imagery . . .

    "Sunlight lays its hands upon my head"

    "with fragile shells as smooth as river pebbles"

    Wonderful - you are keeping us busy this week! ;-)

  3. These as both beautiful Jinsky, but the second one is exceptionally good (to me). Virtually every species is programmed to nurture and protect their young, I love the image of these fierce creatures gently tending their nest.

  4. WOW! I've got goosebumps after reading your second poem. Fantastic imagery beautifully expressed, Jinksy.

  5. Great words as per usual, lovely images, and moving lines. Well done on both.

  6. I just love that second one!

  7. No puzzle why you couldn't choose between them: who could have? Now I can't choose between your responses!
    Excellent. Brilliant. How'll they do?

  8. well i enjoyed reading both of them, immaterial if this was the result of you not making a decision *grin*

  9. No need to decide when you can dazzle us with twice the creativity. Talented you.

  10. I can only think: 'that poor little rabbit...'


  11. I see dinosaurs. ;)Better than dead people right?? (Movie big in the States - Sixth Sense, just in case you think me mad :)!)

  12. I enjoyed both but particularly liked your second verse. It's extraordinary to realise how careful and gentle such powerful birds can be.

  13. Liked your last poem - Dave


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