Sunday, 24 July 2011

How Napple Got Her Name

Adam and Eve bit that infamous apple
when temptation entered the scene...
Many years later, I turned into a 'Napple'...
how ever could this have been?

A plain 'Granny Smith' was how I began
to be called as my family grew,
and my number one girl first made me a 'Gran!'
Once Baby talked, what did she do?

'Granny Smith' had became 'Granny Apple'
but by Baby the words got condensed,
and Lo, and behold! I was "Napple"
and rather than being incensed

I welcomed the name, joined in the game
and Napple I've been ever since!

Blame all this on the Poetry Jam  prompt word 'Temptation'.
And do go and see where an apple lands when it doesn't fall close to the tree!


  1. lol- Yours is quite different than mine... I love it! What an interesting piece about how you came to be known Napple to your grandkids.

  2. So cute..ha..ha...

    Happy sunday~

  3. The first grandchild always seems to know how to name her grandma. Sweet and funny at the same time, Thank you Jinksy :-)

  4. ha. cute how you got your name...dont you love how they say things close and it becomes new words in your family..

  5. Ah! I wondered about "Napple." That's so cute!

  6. Too funny and well done. :)

  7. Excellent. I wondered where the "Napple" came from, you Golden Delicious, you!

  8. Guaranteed to give everyone the pip, Doc? Oo, nasty...

  9. Wonderful. So glad you told. I had wondered.

  10. Love the names that the grands give us. A long time ago, we had a neighbour called Gunga (to all) because that's what his first grandkid called him. I quite enjoy being Buppa.

  11. And napple suits you down to the ground Jinksy!

  12. Really lovely! Thank you so much for sharing that and putting a smile on my face! *smile*

  13. Now I love that explanation and it makes the most perfect sense! Thanks for the clear up!

  14. That's great! I love it when kids name people, especially since I did so on a couple of occasions. My Auntie Ba was just plain old Loretta until my newly-minted tongue managed to turn her into something a sheep might say. And My grandparents on my father;s side became Ma & Pa to everyone else in the family when I called them that. Before then, they were Mom & Dad, or Moira and Tom.

  15. Lovely story, Napple LOL. Kids are great how they create names. My nephew still calls me "Nucky Noo" which should be "Uncle Ed" LOL. That was his first attempt at trying to say it - now he is 45 LOL. He also had great problems sayong "Snake". He left out the "N" and said "Nake". I thought I had a solution.
    I said say "Snake", and he said "Nake"
    I said say "Grass Snake!" he said "Grass Snake"
    Say "Snake", he said "Nake". LOL
    My cure did not work. Eddie x

  16. A-ah, so that's how the name was born!

    Anna :o]

  17. That's a great tale! My mom's name was Jeanine and she did NOT want to be called Grand-anything - or Mamaw - so she picked her own name for her grandchildren: Neen. That was pretty easy for them to say.

  18. Hello Jinksy!!! you are really cOol...!!!:D
    thank you for linking up on mine... you have a great day!(:

    Brightest blessings!



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