Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Old Order Changeth

digital sketch by jinksy

Lines like soft charcoal
appear on my computer.
A plastic pen cries.
It will never feel paper,
only electric signals.

This was my first attempt to sketch using my WACOM Bamboo Pen & Touch tablet. It was a surreal experience, hence my rather strange poetic offering to accompany my In Tandem offering this week. And now for the other picture...Hop over by clicking the link and you'll find a Mr Linky so you can join in too...

“At last! I can have a peep at her art project!”
Jessie had been so keen to answer the front door she’d left the studio one ajar. It was the perfect chance for Sara to satisfy her curiosity.
“Bother- the easel is facing the wrong way – now I’ll have to mind the creaky floorboard, or she’ll know I’m in here.”
As the younger sister, Sara was often dubbed ‘Nuisance’ or even ‘Nosey parker!’ when she asked for a preview. But now was the perfect time to steal one. She almost tip-toed round the room, till she stood looking at the charcoal drawing of a dark haired lad, who stared back at her from the stretched paper on the board.
“I wonder who that is? Bet she won’t tell me…” Hardly had the thoughts entered her mind, than she heard footsteps coming upstairs – two sets of footsteps! Then Jessie walked in the door, followed closely by one who could only be the boy in the sketch…


  1. Oh but what fantastic signals-fab sketch and words.

  2. I have had mixed reactions to some of your other computer-art creations, but both this drawing and this poem are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, JINKSY!

    Is 5-7-5-7=7 some special form of haiku or does it have another name?

  3. You are just brilliant with you sketches. Wonderful.xx

  4. I can't imagine not drawing on paper! I loved your sketch, Jinksy. You captured such a feeling in those eyes! It must have been a very strange experience to sketch that way, but I bet it becomes second nature in time.

    I loved the story you wove around the In Tandem offering.

  5. You are very talented, and it's great that you keep exploring. Way to go!

  6. Your words for the head sketch are a bit chilling. Read my comment on Dave King's post (which uses your last week's In Tandem). If I didn't know better I'd have to believe there really is something very strange about this sketch, electric signals or whatever...Of course I don't believe in such things :-)

  7. Ann -
    The sketch is probably strange because I was only drawing from Imagination, not Life, and all the separate bits are not quite in the right place! LOL The electric signals are what passed between the plastic nib of the drawing tool, and the plastic surface of the tablet, until they traveled down the wires to the computer screen...

    But who knows? perhaps there were other signals in the ether that got to my brain, as well...

  8. You do seem to have some very fancy programmes for your computer Jinksy.

  9. I admire your curiosity and perseverance in trying 'new things'.
    I like the way you tied the two illustrations together.

  10. I bet you will go back to drawing on paper and scanning the drawings. Drawing on the tablet must be like washing yer feet with yer socks on!
    How does the little story end? Not with "Reader, I married him." surely?

  11. That's a very good analogy, Doc, and as one who likes bare feet at all times, you are probably 100% correct.
    I'd rather draw and scan, any day...

  12. Is this part one of a series? Come join The Serialists.

  13. I am so impressed. The best thing I can do is scrapbooking and even there, my kids tell me only my scrapbooks are completely lopsided etc. I love these photos.

  14. The drawing and the painting are both beautiful.

  15. I enjoyed both words and verse but the tale left me wanting to know just a wee bit more.
    peep Janes don't have it easy...constantly on high alert.


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