Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hat's Off!

To Trellissimo! he transformed a Cycle advert into a whimsical apparition in shades of dusky grey-blue-green.

Having never learned to ride a bike, I quickly dispensed with this accessory - well, not quickly - it took quite a long time to paint it out, but now I can concentrate on starry thoughts instead...

Two hundred million or more years
your light's been streaming forth,
much brighter than the other stars...
you surely know your worth?

Across the dancing ocean waves
you've guided seafaring ships
of Polynesian sailors
with praises on their lips

for your luminous, bright beauty...
while to those along the Nile
you were forerunner of flooding
which made the land fertile.

The long hot days of summer
starved all plants and made them wilt
till the river covered all the land
with its annual cloak of silt...

n.b. The original poster was featured by Tess, on Magpie Tales. 


  1. ...now it looks more of a siren carved on a pirates' vessel... alluring lines!!! and have never learned riding a bike too... i tried several times but always a failure... thanks for the poem.(:


  2. Ah, yes - the Great Inundation!

  3. Beautiful poem! I agree that it looks like a Siren. Lovely!

  4. I love the siren! I've nearly forgotten how to ride a bike!You know that I love rhythm and rhyme...super!

  5. Very well done! Lovely poem

  6. Cycling's about the only thing I can do ..... that and the cha-cha-cha . Probably because they're both simple and repetitive .
    Writing poetry or finding my way round Trellissimo is another kettle of fish , altogether . Luckily you can ... and very well , too .

  7. Love your revision of the advert poster, and the
    poem you crafted to accompany it!

  8. Remarkably ingenious, creative response to the prompt.

  9. Always curious to see what you do with the art..this is ethereal..and then, a salute to a star...perfect!!

  10. you have dug deep on it,
    well done.

  11. I love the painting which is somewhat ethereal of a blissful maiden dancing on air. The poem is beautiful

  12. Very creative! Love the references to Isis/Sirius!

  13. I enjoyed your work Jinksy and the images that it generated.

    Our little girl is learning to ride a bike--my foot has taken regular damage to show for her efforts.

  14. lovely- you are so talented! My hats off to you!

  15. Beautiful poem and I love the transformation of the photo.

  16. I've pulled my old single speed red bicycle out of moth balls and started riding it again. I'm amazined to find it now retro. Trendy.
    It's never too late!

  17. A delight to read as always.

  18. Definitely a different slant on the prompt! Well done.


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