Friday, 15 May 2009

Animal Antics

A Noisy Noise?

Sydney snake was afraid of the dark,
so we frightened him just for a lark.
We made such a din
he jumped from his skin
to rush naked around a car park.


  1. What if one of those cars did unpark
    And caught up to Syd - naked - stark?
    Would it just be a mystery
    How that snake became hisssstory?
    (I don't have a closing remark)

  2. Loved the post and looking forward to reading others - just signed up as a follower.
    Thank you for your kind comments. Eddie

  3. I have a theory, as yet unproven, that people who write and/or like limericks are all alcoholics.

  4. "Naked" or not, the mere glimpse of a snake and I literally pass out ... : )

  5. Oh no, a scared, naked snake down the parking lot, oh my. What will you come up with next?

  6. :) My grandson has this MEMORIZED... LOL

  7. Sounds like you had a bad dream last night.

    Love Granny

  8. Now Sydney...well, I think I'd keep my skivvies on, frightened or not. How is it that I can see that silly snake?

  9. I love that, it made me laugh!

  10. ...Very cute, and I wonder whether we'd be allowed to post a children's book with the nyekkid word in it! ;) x


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