Friday 8 May 2009

That Was Today, That Was

It came - and now it's nearly gone, leaving me all behind like the proverbial cow's tail. At nine fifteen this morning, after reading a plethora of comments engendered, among other things, by a humble washing up bowl, I thought I'd see what planetary influences were abroad in the heavens.

Mercury was in the 11th house - connected with friendships, groups and other kinds of social relationships. This house represents hopes and dreams one has for the future, not only for oneself, but for people in general. Planets placed here show the ease or difficulty of social integration, and will often relate to some form of group involvement.
It is the planet connected to our ability to communicate, as well as desire for knowledge. Mercury represents our thoughts and the constant activity that goes on in our heads.

Sound like blogging to you?

According to my Astrology program, 'Mercury is Trine the North Node; this aspect represents a resource to be drawn upon, namely, considerable mental talent and more than a touch of genius.'

The next sentence had me in stitches.

Quote ' It is difficult to know where you get your ideas - you are moved by distant memories and seem to be able to tap into thought processes which have their roots in something universal. What you think, write and say can have a particular significance for your generation, because it touches a chord in them which they instinctively understand. When you work with communication in one form or another, you are close to fulfilling your destiny.'

What a pity I didn't start this post straight away! Might have come up with something good...

Sadly, the next bit I read, was regarding the Sun conjunct Mercury:- '... You hate to be stuck in any job, and need constant mental stimulation. This can of course lead to a number of radical job changes... .... your weaknesses are connected with restlessness and lack of concentration...

Which probably explains why I went away from the keyboard and spent the rest of the day, till now, doing other things!


  1. I'd hate to believe astrology! Imagine trying to live ones life according to so many warring messages!

  2. Rinkly Rimes- That's really not how it works! It just shows the kind of energies around at any one time, that can help people to make informed choices about options they might not have thought of before. There are no 'warring' messages, but any situation may be approached positively or negatively. What I wrote to day, I thought rather pertinent, as , although the communication bug has bitten me with blogging, I can still be restless enough to want to do something else, despite sitting at the keyboard intending to post, because the mind presented an irresistable alternative occupation! The Astrology mirrored what I did, I didn't copy it...

  3. Laughing...I usually read what I want to read into these sorts of predictions and yet...!
    Blessings, Star

  4. Sometimes I read it at the end of the day, to see if the predictions were correct. ;)

  5. I think you are looking at it the best way - don't copy it - let it be a reflection of you. Jinksy, am I reading too much into this? Was this a metaphor?

  6. Ah, the wonders of Astronomy, Jinksy... ;)

    I don't believe much in it, although I do have all the personality hang-ups of your average Saggitarian - The foot in mouth thing being the biggest component! x

  7. Very interesting I think.

    I'm never quite sure what to believe. Must have something to do with planets being in a questionable place when I was born ;-)

    Hugs xx


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