Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Wake Up Call

I wonder how you wake up in the morning? Do you leap into action the minute your eyes open, or do you come round slowly, allow body and mind to gradually acclimatise after a night in dreamland? Perhaps you have an 'inner clock' that wakes you at a time you choose, or you might be one of those people who need anything up to three varying alarm clocks to shock you into greeting the day. Maybe you have young children, who provide the most efficient wake up call ever created.

I would imagine almost everybody, at some time in their life, could identify with the poem I'm going to post today. My little blue book (where all my original, handwritten 'stuff' was collected before the days of computer) presented me with it as I leafed through its faded pages the other day, and the subject has been coming closer to the surface ever since. I've recently read several blogs whose authors have been at some kind of crossroads in their lives; decisions have needed to be made, and often the way forward has not been easy to see.

When I was still at art college, I imagined I would go on to teacher training college, and indeed, I eventually had a provisional acceptance by Reading University to do just that. At twenty three, I thought my life was mapped out.

However, life and circumstances had other ideas, and I got a bad dose of influenza instead of the final NDD ( National Diploma in Design) I'd been working towards for five years. The principal of the college would have let me repeat the last year, to sit the exam again, but made it abundantly clear in his opinion, that by then, a twenty four year old, female student, was more than likely heading towards marriage, rather than a teaching career. He was an out and out MCP, on reflection, but I was too naive to recognise the symptoms, and cowered under his eagle eye.

So you can place me, and this poem, in the setting which left me wondering what would come next.

Back To Reality

Head on a pillow,
lids lowered;
light breathing
blowing the cobwebs of night.
Consciousness surfacing.
Flutter of eyes opening.
Then memory flooding
and realization
of who
and where
and why
and how.

Only problem is
what now?


  1. What now indeed! Why wonder. It's like John Lennon sang: Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans.
    You would have made a lovely teacher I think. But was it a missed opportunity? Who knows. Perhaps the little brats would have driven you to spending the rest of your life in an armchair, slowly rocking backwards and forwards, eyes glazed over, drueling......Or maybe not ;-)

    Hugs xx

  2. What a shame that your guidance came from such a chauvinist. You'd have been a fine teacher. Thankfully there are other ways to put that voice to use. Your poem is a fine expression of uncertainty.

    I usually wake up to a cat in my face.. to remind me that he's still around JUST in case I've forgotten that he'll need breakfast.

  3. I do not wake up with gusto, but I am changing and getting up earlier. I'm not ttally impressed with that change, however.

    I'm a little angry with that MCP.

  4. I have always been an early riser, even in winter when the mornings are dark. Still an early riser, but it takes me an age to roll over out of bed and then stand up straight so I can walk!!! then another while whilst I descend the stairs.
    I think our lives are mapped out, and we end up doing what is intended for us to do as long as we listen to the great Guide above. I thought my life would be all sorts of things, I had dreams of course. The deck of cards I was handed have been quite a challenge, but would I go and change anything? I think not. I am comfortable with my life. Now I have to accept the new challenges I am facing.
    Love Granny

  5. Sounds like being born again...coulda called that one Reincarnation...:)

  6. I'm very much a creature of habit. I wake up, put the coffee on, turn the 'puter on, and stand there and wait for my first cup to be done brewing. Then I drink my first cup and visit my favorite blogs. I'm off to work now.

  7. Oh Jinksy - those are the worries of a twenty three year old alright! Looking back one often wonders whether one took the right pathway or not - but by then the die is cast and we will never know where the other path would have led us.

  8. Excellent poem...I awakened with you...better go get a cuppa! LOL...Seriously, I am sorry that you were so discouraged...If your art is anything like your poetry, it is magnificent!!! You would have made a brilliant teacher!!! ~Janine XO

  9. oh i am so slow to wake up. optimally i get a couple of hours to do so....if only...

  10. "blowing the cobwebs of night", I like that. Usually my internal clock will nudge me awake. But there are times I've not gotten enough sleep and I'll wake up, disoriented and not knowing the day. Then I have a cuppa or three and can start, anew. You sum it up so well, Jinksy!

  11. I am sure you did well in whatever was forced on you by life.
    And life's experiences always leave the feeling the grass is greener on the other side.

  12. I have a lovely Cardinal that wakes me every morning. He comes to my feeder just outside my window. I love that bird and your poem.

  13. It's all varied for me...if my husband is home I cuddle and enjoy the morning quiet with him. He's warm and male and he smells good. If I'm alone I am up and out of bed and into my day. A cup of coffee, some writing before I wake the kids is my general non hubby morning.

    and I've had the mornings of your poem. How familiar, it's 20 years since I was 23 and I think that's when I had such mornings. Once the children arrived, mornings became more directed.


  14. It takes me ages to wake up - I don't get into second gear until 10am.
    Enjoyed your poem very much - "what now!" indeed! -not to waste a minute I would think.
    Thank you for your kind comment on my Grand National post ~ trying to 'catch up' a bit ~ Eddie

  15. I love it! I wake up very quick,especially in the summertime.I want out of bed to begin the day.Of course Im a nurse and I do have to work but even so when my days come that im off I do the same.Love your poetry.Come visit my blog about Pampering yourself.Id like to hear from you.This time you can see the text LOL.

  16. I love to think of you on the brink like that thinking it all out.

    I wake up, feet out, teeth brushed, bed made (insert pee somewhere in and around) and snip snap, on with the day. I'm not always cheery, but rather punctual.

  17. We all have our own rituals. The poem helped us see you when you asked about the Now.

  18. It would take me an hour to reach that 'what now'! How do I wake in the morning? Very sluggishly. I don't sleep well, and it takes me a long time to surface. Not a good combination!

  19. Loved this post! And for some reason, I am still unable to comment on my other computer when there's a box like this. Hopefully, we can figure it out one day!!

  20. I have been feeling that "what next" thing for some time now... this post, this poem was a perfect read. I mean, yeah, it feels reassuring to know that you are not the only one thinking 'what next now'!

  21. I like both your poems Jinksy about sleep and waking. I wake up reasonably well. I like to doze if I can but can get straight up if necessary.


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