Sunday, 24 May 2009

What's'is Name?

After No.1 Son emailed me the other day with some more tips on IT wizardry, I quickly replied to thank him - like you would. But his next rejoinder included the following:-

"I'm taking a wild stab in the dark that you have just replied to lots of emails and been signing them off as Pen! :-) First time for everythingI guess; just reads very funny to me! If I were one of those shaky flaky haracters who's paranoia has consumed them and the world around them, I could roll up into a ball crying 'My Mum has disowned me! Wo is me!
Right, that's it, I'm changing my name!!!!'...... but I'm not so I won't.
Loves ya,

Yes, he'd guessed. I had been sending mail, left, right and centre, to Blogland pals all over the world, and instead of my usual 'Ma' sign off to son, I'd typed 'Pen'.... OK, so he'd rechristened himself Dermot. I could live with that. He, he, he...

Speaking on the 'phone later to No.1 daughter, I told her of the joke, just to keep her up to speed should she too get an email from 'Dermot' instead of her Bro! We had a good laugh about it. But it didn't end there. Friday evening, 'phone rings. 'Hello?' says I , with my customary, non-specific greeting. I was then besieged by a giggling daughter, spluttering a little manically in my ear.
Eventually when we'd both composed ourselves a little, I got the gist of what she was attempting to tell me.

She'd just sent her Bro a text which should have said 'How are you?' , but predictive text had she punched 'send' she realised what it actually said was 'Howard you?' Luckily, he knew that she knew (!) about the Dermot thing, and with his usual quick wit, he'd replied 'Fine, thank you Mildred! Love, Howard.'

Needless to say, Mildred is NOT the name my daughter started life with, so here I was with two grown up children, Mildred, Dermot - or possibly Howard - transformed in the twinkling of an eye into unknown entities!

I may not have managed to capture here the true hilarity of the on-the-spot experience, but I still have to crack a grin to myself each time I think it over.

Love to Blogland - from ?
(If anybody can tell me who I am today, I would be grateful...)


  1. If it helps, I think it's hilarious.

  2. Very funny. I know when all the kids are here, I sometimes get confused and call one by the wrong name, I know perfectly well who I am talking to, but my tongue sometimes slips. The first time this happened in a long time, Becky (the 4th. child) I was calling Angela (she is the oldest and wears glasses), and Becky takes her two fingers and points to her eyes, like she's trying to poke out her eyes and I ask, what is your problem and she said this is who I am, I still didn't realize what she meant and she said, I'm Becky I don't wear glasses.

    Now the sad part is, I use to do the same thing when they were small, except I would also throw in our dogs names and my one brother. LOL Our kids thought that was hilarious. Myself I didn't find it amusing, usually it happened when I was angry or in a hurry.

    My Grandfather had the right idea, all the granddaughters he called Sissy and all the grandsons he called Sonny. Can't go wrong with that. LOL

  3. LOL. Isn't it great when your entire family has a sense of humor? I think if my family couldn't laugh together at sillyness, we would have killed each other long ago.

  4. Oh, I'm in stitches!!!!! Sounds like my family!!!! LOL...Love this post!!!! Absolutely hilarious!!! And you told it so well...I can just see and hear it all!!!~Janine XO

  5. I love it, Penny. My husband and I were just talking over this post (before I had a chance to read it) and discussing how it is we know each other, in day to day life, and in blogging. Funny that your post should address just that! I see the funny!

  6. I once wrote a card to my daughter and signed it from the whole family - including her! Der! We're all confused in this world, don't worry. x

  7. That is what we have children for Pen - so that they give us plenty of laughs when we are in our dotage!

  8. Aha! So P3 was playing correctly - she just was renaming the people! Thanks for explaining. Send my love to Dermot and Mildred, or possibly Howard.

  9. He pays attention and responds. Yes.

  10. You have a great sense of humour. I could never get the hang of predictive text either! Now, I don't know who you are today, but just ask matron; she'll tell you!
    Blessings, Star

  11. That was funny. You all share the same humour obviously!
    Not sure who I am at times!

  12. There's a branch of my family (not immediate) that contains a Mark, a Matt, a Martin, a Mike and, of course, a Mum. You think YOU'RE confused!

  13. It made me giggle!

    Lots of love,
    Marietje (that's what my father calls me when he can't come up with my real name)

  14. Oh you did capture the hilarity. I'm giggling wildly. It reminds me of a business email received from 'Lots of Love, Mommy'... the sender immediately realised and send an apology which kind of spoiled it, if you know what I mean.

  15. Since I like pasta I'll call you Penne.

  16. Ahh too funny. I remember my ex absent-mindedly calling me Mom. ONCE. Never again. ;)

  17. The other day I called my grandson Jethro, which is the dog's name....

    Carrie (character from The Recipe Box) was my mother-in-law's name and Mildred (your daughter, or not) was my stepmother's name. It's odd to find them in your blog, though.

    In my recent post called "Life Happens" I referred to my three children as Agamemnon, Byzantium, and Clytemnestra, and to their spouses as Xylophonia, Ypsilanti, and Zirconium. If we can't laugh at ourselves (or a close relative), what's left?

  18. That is so funny, the kids obviously share your sense of humour Jinksy!


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