Thursday, 28 May 2009

Waste Not Want Not?


I think I am a magnet,
but not the usual kind
that gathers iron filings
whenever it has mind.

No, I collect detritus,
unwanted bits of 'stuff'
that other people throw away.
They say 'Enough's enough!'

But I embrace all this debris;
it may spark creative juice
and for other people's cast outs
I can often find a use.

You could pity my addiction,
unless you share it too,
and are always on the lookout
for something new to do

with multifarious rubbish;
a treasure trove in waiting.
It may end up recycled- but
what joy comes with the making!


  1. Well done. My kind of rhyme. I'm at the point in life where I try to get rid of all the stuff I collected over the years on a just-in-case basis.

  2. Super, my kind of collector - the poem wasn't half bad, neither. Good post.

  3. Found you through Janine at Sniffles & Smiles. LOVED the poem! Just wish we lived closer so I could share all my junk with you and have you make something good of it! (Course, that MIGHT mean nearly everything in my house!)

    All the best!

  4. Nice poem, but I don't like to collect other peoples stuff, have enough of my own. That's one reason I don't go to garage sells.

  5. I had to say "debris" like the Brits to make this work. lol

  6. A woman after my own heart Jinksy. I never throw away a sweet paper, just smooth it out and put it in a tin - it might come in useful in my embroidery at some time in the future. I do not have a tin full of bits of string too small to be of any use - but am on the way there.

  7. hello, I came over from Rhymeswithplague. I love your poetry. I don't really like other people's old stuff - but I sure like MY old stuff! I'd rather keep the old than get new most of the time.

  8. And what fabulous things you create from other peoples' rubbish!!!!!! Love this one in particular!!!! ~Janine XO

  9. Hi Jinksy! Thanks for stopping by! I'm signing up to follow you because I don't want to miss your wit!

  10. Do you know the rest of the rhyme.. waste not want not, may I never see the day, how I wish I had the bread, that once I threw away.

  11. Maybe comes of us being war babies.... waste not want not.
    Love Granny

  12. Hi Jinsky
    Great post - loved it ~ Eddie

  13. oops the memory is not so good..........the second line should read 'may I never live to say'.

    My Grandfather would quote this to me often.

  14. Pictures? Do share some of your collection...I have grown fond of collections of "junk" myself. They tell such a diverse story.

  15. Ha ha, you're one step further than me if you've actually learnt to recycle your detritus, mine just remains "stuff", in the way.

  16. I'm afflicted. Feel sorry for me? With the collecting, not the making. I'm thinking this year I have found my cure. I've no more space!

  17. I envy you. My cousin is like that and she has a room filled with her collections. I love seeing them. I do not collect. I do monthly cleanings where I toss out stuff. Of course I need it the day after I toss it out but then I can go out and get another.

  18. Whatever gets your juices flowing ;-)

    Hugs xx

  19. damn girl, you and i both!

  20. Oh we're both suckers for old stuff. There's an old piece of farm machinery in next door's field and I covet it! I love old things and will give them new life if I can. We haven't decided what to do with the pile of old boots and shoes we dug up here yet! Great poem, me to a 'T'.


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