Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Countryside Thoughts

...from in front of the computer. Found a copy of this skulking around on my desk and thought I'd post it today, while I hurry back to the addictive Arigurumi. Need to make a few more to get them out of my system...


There is a sudden quiet.
Perspective of hearing changes.
A bee drones more loudly
than a passing plane,
and the breath echoes the wind
rustling amongst green leaves
whose dappled light and shade
dances around us,
a living camouflage.

Thrum of bird wings
makes attention follow flight
into nearby bushes,
as territory disturbed by our presence
is loudly re-acclaimed.

We trespass on the solitude of Nature,
but in so doing, Universes converge;
All are One.


  1. jinksy, you are a genius. You do know that, don't you?

  2. I know that feeling! I never feel more connected and real and part of something larger than when I'm quiet in the garden and listening to the amazing web of natural sounds around me.

  3. camouflage...what a beautiful line! Your poetry is always exceptional! Love it! ~Janine XO

  4. We lost our place in nature when we built thick walls, and put electric stoves and lights, forgetting diurnal rhythms, hunger pain and cycle of growth every time we reach for a banana above the equator.

  5. ah....always a pleasure, Jinksy - and I just realized that in VKBook2, I've named a dog Jinxie -- but it is a friend's dog who has left the if you ever read VK2, I wasn't calling you a dog *laugh* - although some may consider that a compliment :)

  6. lakeviewer - sounds like you're having a bad day! I'm sure not everyone has forgotten either diurnal rythms or cycles of growth?

  7. I like this a lot. Just wrote one this morning of nature as church. Must be something in the air moving us so.

  8. Love this -- haven't we all felt that in nature at some point -- the feeling that we are all connected on the deepest, lifeforce level.

  9. Oh, that is so wonderful!! I love that one the best so far.

    But I've said that to you before ... ♥

  10. Jinksy, this is one of my favorite poems of yours so far. It brought perfect images to mind.

  11. That is beautiful, Jinksy, I especially like the 'Thrum of bird wings', it describes the sound they make exactly.

  12. "Universes converge
    All are one"

    You are such a skilful and insightful poet(ess), jinksy! To treasure...

  13. All are one - love the imagery, love this poem, Jinksy!


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