Sunday, 7 June 2009


After reading comments left as a result of yesterday's ditty, I've been unable to decide whether or not some people have gone away thinking that I have an extremely odd bunch of relatives...Maybe so, but I would assure everyone, those in the poem were entirely fictitious!

Will now go away to ponder the unintentional effects of my words on blogland, while I wash my hair. Once drip-dried, I shall no doubt be back to overload you with a few more...


  1. Well, I didn't. I knew from the get-go you were just making ditties. After all, I'm from the days when Little Richard sang, "Good Golly, Miss Molly" -- you remember, "I know a gal named Sue, she knows just what to do; I know a gal named Daisy, she almost drives me crazy" and so forth.

    But some of us have real relatives who are very much like your fictional ones!

  2. Hi Jinksey, what a delight...the effect of your words causing a stir...and then you's not true! My advice? Let them believe the makes you more interesting! <3

  3. In these cases true or not hardly matters. When words stir up thoughts it's all good.

    (Now, you're dripping on your keyboard. You don't want more problems with your keyboard, do you?)

  4. I'm crushed to think that you would mislead us like that. :)

    (Not really; I think I figured it out. I'll say "think" because there was an outside possibility.)

  5. Oh, no...we recognize poetic license when we see it ;-) Not to fear!!! Love your humor...another Lewis Carroll, you are!!! Happy Sunday!!! ~Janine XO

  6. Overload us with a few more... as many as pos'
    All in good humour... you are such fun.
    Love Granny

  7. Doesn't matter a jot whether it was true or not, it made us all think, didn't it? LOL!

  8. It would have explained a lot ;-)

    (Did you know that Joke is a real Dutch name?).


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