Monday, 1 June 2009

Every End Is A New Beginning

This is a wonderful quote from Khalil Gibran, which has long been a favourite of mine. It is particularly relevant after the ending of my yesterday's post, which left readers to draw their own conclusions, deliberately. Always leave 'em wanting more. Weaver of Grass asks for another instalment. So, come on Bloggers, how about writing one for her? I've set the scene for you. Where would you go next? Here's one option, condensed into a few words. I'd probably give them a title along the lines of:-

'I'll call you'

Waiting by the telephone.
Expectant. On edge.
Difficult to settle down
to anything new.
Clock hands creep round.
Please, let it ring!
Breathing quickens;
stomach churns
and hands grow cold
as adrenalin pumps.
Seconds lengthen to minutes,
drag interminably.
The appointed time passes
and hope dies.


  1. I thought that was just an apt comment on life: "Now the day was really beginning. The End.

  2. Oh, the times that has happened to me! *Sigh*

  3. What a lovely poem! Describes the disappoint of youth and love so perfectly! You capture the feelings in a way that is both vivid and clear! Terrific! ~Janine XO

  4. Yes, today and most days, that happens to me. Today it is waiting for the man to come and fix the air conditioning! and with temps expected to reach the 90's today, he can't come too soon. It's 9.36 am and I think I hear a truck pulling up outside......
    Blessing, Star

  5. I love Gibran's writing.

    And yours! :)xx

  6. i remember that wait when I was single, a hundred years ago...

  7. I am sure 99% of us can identify with this..
    Love Granny

  8. Now I NEED to read your though that were a question at all!

  9. I love Gibran - another parallel between us Jinksy! How about this one? I love it.

    Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.

  10. Although your poem is lovely, I'd rather have him on his bike the next day. He cycled to her house, threw the bike in the roses that surrounded the white wooden garden gate, rang the doorbell and when she opened the door asked her if she wanted to join him for an icecream in the village.
    And they lived happily ever after, had two lovely children, a boy and a girl, and a labrador ;-)


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